Your Ultimate Guide To Residential Metal Roofing Anatomy

April 22, 2022

Your Ultimate Guide To Residential Metal Roofing Anatomy

When rivalry comes to sturdiness coupled with longevity, no other roofing material beats metal roofs. As experienced commercial roofing contractors, we completely agree with the previous statement. Throughout our years of providing metal roofing services in Edmonton, we witnessed the industry alter its norms from time to time in the name of convenience, cost-effectiveness, durability, and weather withstanding power. Thus far, the metal roofing system enjoys sole leadership in the market.

Look around you. Whether it is a shop, factory, or house, most buildings now flaunt metal roofing systems. However, ask a person about the parts of a roof, and the answer might surprise you. While many will randomly say things like ‘the upper area, panels, edges, and the base’, others will simply shun the question as a joke.

Well, if you are one of these people, we would recommend you bring a change in your attitude towards the matter as this imprudence may heavily affect your pocket one day. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert in metal roof parts, but knowing the basics will not do you any harm. First of all, imagine a roofing company representative coming to inspect your roof and trying to tell you what the problem is. You don’t want to feel like they are speaking gibberish, do you?

Besides, some unprofessional roofers may even take advantage of your lack of knowledge and overcharge you. Since you have landed on this blog, continue reading it to learn about the basic parts of a residential metal roof.

Basic Yet Essential Parts Of A Metal Roof

A wise man once said that to be educated does not mean being an expert in one discipline; it actually means knowing a little about everything. Well, here is your chance to learn a little about the robust roof over your head. The latter will help you save yourself from unplanned and unnecessary roof repairs. This information, together with avoiding the typical mistakes most homeowners make, is the best way forward.

Thankfully, unlike industrial or commercial roofs, residential roofs are relatively uncomplicated. Yet, their proper maintenance is equally crucial.

Metal Panels

Panels are probably the first thing that meet your eye when you look at any metal roof. The metal sheets you shape and seam together into your desired style to create a roof are called metal panels. This structure will ultimately protect your house’s interior from the external elements. Depending upon your taste and preference, these panels can come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and material types. Within the metal roof subcategory, you have options like tin, steel, zinc, aluminum, copper, etc.

However, the selection of the panel profile is a matter of environmental requirements rather than personal taste. You will choose one of the following depending upon your area’s climate:

  • Concealed fastener panel
  • Metal shingle roof
  • Corrugated metal roof
  • Metal slate
  • Metal tile

Since metal roof installation is a significant investment, we suggest you discuss the possible options with a reliable roofing contractor. Moreover, if you get an expert to install your roof, the chances are it will last a lifetime (about 70 years).


An underlayment is found between the roof panels and the roof deck. This roof part often plays the most crucial role in keeping your home’s interior safe from weather elements like rain, snow, and even extreme temperatures. This layer is often filled with asphalt, which makes the roof waterproof and ultimately reduces the chances of roof leaks. It is important to remember that this second layer of protection is not an option but a mandatory requirement by law for every metal roof.

Roof Deck Or Sheath

A deck is the most important component of a metal roof. Think of it as the foundation of your roof. It does exactly what a base does for your home. A roofs’ deck is made mainly out of plywood. Evidently, a problem in the sheath will affect the structural integrity of the whole metal roof. Thus, you must ensure that it is kept in good condition.

Trusses Or Roof Frame

This structure acts as the support system for the whole roof. Trusses contain a triangular timber framework connected by horizontal beams. The entire roofs’ weight is put upon this component. Therefore, it has to be strong enough to uphold the metal roof.

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