Common Roof Problems And Mistakes To Avoid

March 18, 2022

Common Roof Problems And Mistakes To Avoid

Roofing problems are a common occurrence in Alberta homes. Considering the fact that your roof is made to face harsh conditions all year round, it is not a hard-to-believe phenomenon. From blistering heat and heavy rains in the summer to bone chilling cold and snow storms in the winter. Your roof faces it all without any breaks. If your roof is made and installed correctly, it can perform its job beautifully.

However, a wrongly installed and constructed roof can cause uncountable problems at the most unprecedented times. Failing old roofs are bound to face problems and damage. However, there is a solution to every problem. You can avoid all the future ruckus by being a little vigilant at the time your roof is being installed and by carrying out regular inspections.

Some of the residential roofing mistakes you should avoid to prevent potential roofing problems are explained in the following blog.

Avoid Common Roofing Mistakes

Your roof works as a system. Small mistakes can lead to numerous problems and complications. By making yourself aware of some of the common roofing mistakes that could happen in the process of repairing, replacing, or restoring your roof, you can save yourself from facing more issues and expenses of dealing with more severe roofing problems in the future.

Hiring The Wrong Roofing Contractor

The roofing industry is full of black sheep. There is a shocking number of unlicensed, unqualified, and uncertified roofing contractors in Alberta. These novice workers provide you substandard services at higher prices and disturb your budget.

Always choose a contractor after you have done the proper research and have used hawkeye to assess the information they are providing. A qualified and professional roofing contractor will provide you with;

  • Proof of their certification
  • Demonstrate the right knowledge, experience, and previous work related to the job.
  • Be able to answer all relevant questions.
  • Be able to figure out the root cause to the problem and verify that the rest of the roof is functioning properly.
  • Be able to provide you with a fair price for their services.

Attic And Roof Ventilation

Attic and roof ventilation are critical to the functioning of any roof. Unfortunately, most homes are inadequately or incorrectly ventilated. An incorrectly ventilated home can cause excessive heat in your attic. This heat build-up then warms and dries up the shingles from the inner side, which leads to loose granulosa.

The granulosa are responsible for protecting the shingles and absorbing UV light. When they become loose shingles lose their structure and protective oils, resulting in roof leaks and excessive shingle buckling.

In the winter, the moisture can build up in your attic and cause mold and rot.

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On the other hand, correct attic and ventilation have a well-balanced exhaust and intake cycle, properly sealed bypasses, and penetration. All it takes to achieve this is proper roof design and installation.

Incorrect Roof Flashings

Roof flashings play an important role in making your roof leak-resistant. Flashings are installed at the most vulnerable areas of your roof and are usually made of steel or metal.

The flashings are the most time-consuming part of your residential roof installation. Unfortunately, it tends to be the most neglected and rushed part of the installation. Fluctuations in temperature can cause expansion and contraction in the flashings, making it even more important for them to be installed correctly.

Cracks in your roof’s flashings are common, regular inspections and maintenance activities are important for the optimal performance and functionality of your roof.

Rotting Roof Deck

Another area that can threaten the integrity of your roof is a rotting deck. A roof deck is a base that supports the materials of your roof. Make sure that the plywood installed in the deck is clean, dry, and properly secured to the rafters. If not you will experience a rotten deck and other problems way before your roof’s lifespan ends.

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