Why Your Metal Roof May Be Leaking This Summer – Typical Causes

July 21, 2022

Why Your Metal Roof May Be Leaking This Summer - Typical Causes

Be it summer or winter; metal roof leaks are a common occurrence. Unfortunately, many people ignore the problem with a false perception that leaks are an inherent drawback of a metal roof. However, the latter is utterly untrue, and you should never let someone tell you this.

In truth, metal roofing is comparatively stronger than its counterparts, has a higher resistance to the elements, requires less frequent maintenance, and boasts a longer lifespan. Thus, labeling leaks as an intrinsic disadvantage of this roofing type is clearly a baseless argument and bears no resemblance to reality.

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Seeing the rising popularity of metal roofs as a substitute for other expensive roofing types, many inexperienced metal roofing companies saw it as a mouthwatering investment opportunity and jumped into the realm. However, the inexperience of these roofers and the use of inferior quality metals resulted in a tarnishing reputation of metal roofs. Regardless of the reasons, the truth remains that metal roof leaks are a prominent and prevalent issue that needs quick and undivided attention.

As professional and proficient metal roofing contractors in Edmonton, we would like to remind you that hastily seeking out solutions without first adequately interpreting a problem will only lead to a higher likelihood of errors. Hence, we first need to understand what actually causes these leak problems.

For the purpose of this blog, we shall explore the typical causes of metal roof leaks and suggest the most viable solutions to correct the problem. Although we are precisely dealing with summer leaks, it is crucial to note that these problems can occur at any time of the year, regardless of the season.

Poor Material Quality

As discussed earlier, using inferior-quality metals is one of the biggest problems leading to roof leaks. For an average person, it truly is a challenge to understand whether a particular material being used is of good quality. After all, they all look and feel the same to those who have little knowledge regarding the subject.

However, a reasonably diligent home or business owner surely has the capacity to judge the dependability of a prospective metal roofing contractor. If you take the time to select a reputable metal roofing company, you will have peace of mind that from material quality to installation techniques, everything will be perfect.

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Incorrect Installation Or Repair

Another issue closely connected to the one above is improper installation or repair. What many substandard roofing contractors fail to understand is that haste in installation is the biggest enemy to the longevity of a roof. This point re-emphasizes the importance of requesting metal roofing services from a proficient metal roofing contractor.

A similar scenario occurs when it comes to roof repair tasks. Many people falsely believe that repairs are simpler than installations and do not require the same level of subject acquaintance. While the first part of the previous sentence is true, the second part is a misconception.

Like incorrect installation, inadequate repairs often worsen a minor problem instead of correcting it and thereby decrease the roof’s life.


Misangled And Improperly Fitted Screws

If we dig deeper into roof installation and repair problems, it becomes apparent that most leaks occur due to improperly fitted screws. To prevent leaks, these roof screws feature a rubber washer at the bottom of their heads. However, misaligned, under, or over-driving makes the rubber washers inefficient in their function.



Unattended Rust



In the presence of oxygen and moisture, the occurrence of rust on metallic surfaces is a natural and inevitable phenomenon. However, simply because a metal roof has patches of rust does not mean it will start to leak. Instead, it is the prolonged neglect of rust that results in leaks. Rust slowly wears or peels off a metal which leads to thinning and ultimately cracks and leaks.

Deflection Due To Foot Traffic

Throughout our discussion thus far, metal quality has been a major focal point. While some metals possess a higher tolerance to weight pressure and foot traffic, others will start to crease or crimp, resulting in leaks.

Sealant Incompatibility

Lastly, it is worthwhile to note that metal roofs have specific sealants. If you use an incompatible sealant on a metal roof, it will be unable to demonstrate flexibility in the daily expansion and contraction cycle of a metal roof. Such a sealant will lose its adhesiveness and ultimately result in roof leaks.

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