Tips For Choosing The Right Roofing Contractor

June 9, 2022


Replacing your roof is a big decision. Most people change their roof only once in their lifetime. It’s a big investment, and you can’t take any risks on it. So, it is necessary that you choose the right roofing contractor for your work.

If the exterior of your home is well maintained and properly constructed, the interior of your home will be protected. The roofing system of your home depends upon the materials used in its installation, such as asphalt shingles, metal roofing, or wood shingles. If you are looking to have a metal roof installed, choose the best roofing contractor in Edmonton.


If you are not sure about how to hire the right roofing contractor, here are some tips to help you in finding the right roofing contractor to get your roofing job done efficiently.

Insurance Policy

Insurance is one of the most important factors you should seek from a contractor when requesting their roofing services. Without proper insurance, any problems that arise will fall upon you as a homeowner.

Hence, you should look for a contractor who provides liability insurance so that if their worker damages your property while working, they will provide coverage for the losses. This insurance is important because if the contractor’s insurance policy doesn’t cover these factors, then you will have to take care of these incidents by yourself.

Proof Of Licensing

A license means that the contractor has the authority to do specific work. Each province and city has its own regulations regarding a roofing contractor’s license. The contractor should have proof of his license. If you do not hire a licensed contractor, you will not be able to get the necessary permits for your job, which can lead to legal issues.


Every roofing material has unique installation requirements, which involves a long process of trial and error. To ensure flawless work, hire a company that has specialization in roof installation.

Written Contract

A written contract protects you as a homeowner. If the contractor doesn’t want to sign a formal contract, then maybe he is not the right person for you to work with.

Formal contracts require a clear description of the payment schedule, roofing materials (brand, type, color) used, and a list of subcontractors.

Also, the list of materials to be used should be written in the document. The document must also include start and end dates, how to remove old roofs, and details on inspecting, repairing, and replacing existing roofs. Similarly, the contract must also include details on how to protect your garden and landscaping during the installation process.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reliable companies are always concerned about their reputation. The Internet provides fair third-party reviews from people who have used the company’s services in the past. More than 80% of consumers collect information online before making a purchase. Five-star ratings and recommendations tell us a lot about the experience you expect from a contractor.

View online reviews, and keep in mind what other customers say about that specific contractor. Also, look at their way of communication, cleanliness in the work field, speed of project completion, and how they deal with unexpected challenges.

Payment Plan

Before your work starts, a reputable contractor will provide you with a written estimate of your roof replacement expenses, including material costs, cost of items such as permits, and labor costs.

Never pay 100% of the cost in advance. A reputable contractor will never demand a full payment in advance. A contractor who asks for full payment in advance is probably a scammer. Payment installments should also be documented, including material and labor cost details to keep track of the payments done and the amount left to pay


Gut Feeling

Finally, it’s important to consider what your gut feeling says about a roofing contractor while you’re interviewing one. If you feel uncomfortable with a contractor, there is probably a reason. Respect your gut feelings, and keep looking for a contractor with whom you feel comfortable working with and who provides the highest quality service.

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