Different Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Roof

May 19, 2022

Different Ways To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Roof

Owning a house is expensive in Canada. The quality of the roofing system of your house depends on its installation and maintenance. If you are looking after your roof properly, you might not need to spend more money. But if you see cracks and dips in your roof, you must immediately contact your roofing contractors. They will not only help you identify the problem with your roof but also assist you in the best way. Maintaining your roof is the most important thing you can do to maximize its lifespan.

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Here we have listed some important points to take into consideration.

Clear you Gutters

A blocked gutter can cause the flooded water to go up to the roof. When the water reaches the roof, it starts to peel off the paint and after a period of time, water damages are clearly visible which can slump the roof and cause severe damage to the structure of your house. That is why it is necessary to make sure that your gutters are clear.

Cut Off Unnecessary Tree Branches

Being nature lovers, people love to grow trees outside their homes which enhances the beauty of their homes. But hanging trees are not good for your home’s roof. It is highly risky in the cold weather of Alberta where strong winds can pull off the hanging branches and they can fall down on your roof along with heavy snow.

It is recommended that you trim your nearby trees timely to avoid such kinds of inconvenience.

Prevent Ice Build Up

The build up of snow on your roof in the winter is a threat to your roof. Heavy snow carries a lot of weight and can cause your roof to collapse. Snow can also damage your roof by forming ice dams.

The warm air inside your building changes the temperature of your roof as well. The warm roof melts the ice and water runs down the eaves. This results in the refreezing of water blocks as the eaves are colder. Hence, it is recommended that you use a roof rake or any tool to remove snow from your roof when needed.

Pay Heed To The Weather

Weather conditions including rainstorms and windstorms can badly affect your roof. It displaces the shingles of your roof. To minimize its effect, ensure low air pressure inside your home. Check for your home for leaks regularly to avoid damage. Seal them as early as possible.

Replace Damaged Shingles

The Canadian seasons are harsh on your roof and this causes damage. However there are a few things you can do to minimize this effect. Each shingle matters for the unification of your roof. If you find any shingles missing or destroyed, replace them right away by contacting a roof contractor in Edmonton.

Inspect your Roof Regularly

If you inspect your roof properly, it can save you a lot of money. Inspecting your roof tells you about the part that needs maintenance. It is good to solve minor problems on time, instead of waiting for a major problem. If you forget to inspect your roof it may start to leak to slouch.

Attic Insulation

If your home is not properly insulated then a huge percentage of your home’s heat will be lost through the roof. If proper insulation is not done, the shingles become hot and start detaching themselves. Moisture and mold will then start to form and damage your roof. Contact a service provider near you and install proper insulation in your home as it improves the airflow of your roof.

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