How Do You Inspect A Metal Roof?

April 15, 2022

How Do You Inspect A Metal Roof?

A metal roof can be a great addition to your home. They increase your home’s curb appeal making it more valuable than ever. Also, they last longer than many other types of roofs and are much more durable when it comes to withstanding different climatic conditions. Stahl Roof Systems offers different kinds of metal roofs for your industrial, commercial, and residential buildings.

It is important to hire a professional metal roof contractor to install a metal roof on your building. Moreover, they must be experts in inspecting metal roofs and should be able to identify any problems in advance. Extensive examination once or twice a year can help you eliminate problems on time and save you from costly repairs and damages.

As a homeowner, you must understand the different procedures for roof inspection and how you can judge its condition. The purpose of a roof inspection is to see whether the metal roof is in working condition or not and what you can do to eliminate any kind of problem.

This blog post mentions a few ways to help you inspect your metal roof.

Check By Walking On The Roof

One of the ways in which you can inspect your metal roof is by walking on the roof looking for any visible issues. Identifying any drainage issues, deflected panels, panel corrosion, and flashing problems is necessary.

Walking on the metal roof will give you an overview of the condition of your metal roof and help you decide which part needs replacement or repair. However, before walking on your metal roof, it is recommended that you do some research and check if it is safe to walk on the roof. Moreover, if you are doing it on your own, make sure to wear PPE and take other safety measures to avoid falling off your roof.

Also, it is recommended to take help from a professional roofing contractor who has the right equipment and tools to get on the roof and check it for any issues.

Check For Any Leak Issues

Leakage might be one of the most common issues in metal roofs that develop after some years. If you have been using your metal roof for years, the chances are that your metal roof will leak at some point.

Leaks from metal roofs are often caused by damaged panel seams, flashings, and perimeters. Moreover, windy areas can also loosen the panel fasteners. Such fastener holes can become bigger with time creating larger gaps.

Therefore, inspect your metal roof for any hole or gap between the panels and make sure to repair it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will cause leakage, and rain will come inside your home.

Check The Gutter System

Most metal roofs are usually sloped so that all of the rain and snow can go down to the gutter system. Therefore, you must make sure that your roof’s gutter system is working correctly.

Ensure your gutters, drains, and downspouts are free of blockages and debris. They must be able to properly drain water and avoid any water collection on the metal roof with no damage to the material.

Check The Integrity Of The Fasteners

Another issue you must look out for is the integrity of your roof’s fasteners. Such panel fasteners have sealings that use neoprene that can break down over time due to expansion and contraction. So you should ensure that the sealings and washers on your roof are in good shape.


Inspecting your metal roof from time to time is necessary to make sure it is not damaged. Any problem with it can be detected on time and repaired, saving you from costly repairs later on. Hire a professional metal roofing contractor who can guide you honestly and give professional services.

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