Residential Metal Roofing And Gutters: What You Need To Know

February 3, 2022

Residential Metal Roofing And Gutters: What You Need To Know

Metal roofs offer several benefits in terms of cost, longevity, and energy efficiency. They are one of the best roofing options for you if you want a roof that can last for years and withstand extreme weather conditions. You can choose from various metal roofing options to upgrade your home’s outlook and enhance its durability.

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However, installing a metal roof is a whole technical process, and only an experienced metal roofing company can successfully install it. Whether it is a commercial metal roof, residential or industrial, choosing the right kind of metal roof and its components is important.

This ensures that your metal roof will last for years and won’t cause any issues. One such important component of a metal roof is its gutter. A gutter is responsible for the flow of water and other materials from the roof to the ground.

In the absence of a proper gutter system on the metal roof, these materials won’t run off the roof and thus, end up damaging it. Therefore, you must know all the important information about gutters on metal roofs. This blog post mentions the considerations you must know before selecting a gutter for your metal roof.

What Is The Purpose Of Metal Roof Gutters?

The gutters on a metal roof are responsible for collecting the rainwater from the roof and channeling it to the ground through a downspout. They help reduce your roofs’ water and moisture damage. If you don’t install gutters on your residential metal roofing, your roof will soon become damaged by water and moisture. Therefore, it is better to consult a metal roofing contractor who can guide you throughout the process.

Considerations For Metal Roof Gutters

Size And Shape

Roof gutters are available in different sizes and shapes. The most common ones are half-round and K-style. Half-round gutters are U-shaped gutters, a traditional gutter style dating back to the early 1900s. On the other hand, K-style gutters are relatively new and were first introduced in the 1950s.

Both of these styles drain almost the same amount of water from the roof. You can choose according to your style of the roof. Besides the styles mentioned above, fascia and gutter guard styles are also becoming popular.

Fascia-style gutters are typically larger than K-style or half-round gutters. Gutter guards also help reduce the amount of maintenance required, especially if you have large trees near your house.

Gutter Materials

Apart from size and shape, there are different materials available for your roofs’ gutters. The most common types of material used in gutters include:


It is a common material for gutters since it is lightweight and inexpensive. They can last for 10 to 20 years but break and become brittle in extreme weather conditions.

Galvanized Steel

It lasts for 20 to 25 years and is much stronger than the vinyl ones. They are suitable for those areas that experience extreme weather conditions.


Copper gutters are the strongest ones that can last for up to 100 years. After that, they will begin to develop rust and corrosion.

Besides these materials, zinc and aluminum gutters are also available for your metal roof. If you want to install durable gutters that can last for years, it is best to go with copper ones.

Also, if you are considering changing your metal roof but your gutters are still in good condition, know that you will have to change your gutters as well. The new roof might not sync with the old gutter setting.

Other Important Points For Metal Roof Gutters

  • Considering the cost of the metal roof is also important. Vinyl is the most inexpensive option for you but might not be durable enough. So, choose according to your requirements.
  • Opt for a seamless gutter design that avoids water escaping through the gaps.
  • Choosing a seamless aluminum product with gutter protection is better if you want to avoid maintenance.
  • Choose the pitch wisely. A steep slope is better for constant water flow.

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