How To Prevent Common Winter Roofing Issues

January 19, 2022

How To Prevent Common Winter Roofing Issues

Getting your house ready for the freezing Canadian winter is a preempted responsibility on the shoulders of every homeowner. When it comes to your home’s condition in winter, the first thing that should come to mind is your home’s first defense line – your roof. Your roof is responsible for keeping your home warm and safe. The winter season can bring unique challenges to that role.

There are several winter roofing problems that fortunately, can be avoided by simple preventive measures. Take your time to learn about these problems and all the possible solutions, then choose the solution that perfectly aligns with your roof needs.

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This blog post explains some of the common roof problems one might face and their solutions to help you keep your roof in perfect condition throughout the coming storms.


Condensation occurs when there is excessive moisture in the air inside your home. Hot air rises and the moisture reaches the attic space, this mixes with the cold outside and rapidly cools. The phenomenon causes the moisture in the warm air to condense and form condensation vapors. In many cases, these water drips are mixed with roof leaks.

If it is left untreated it may cause moisture to be absorbed by the roof resulting in water damage and rotting of wood in the surrounding areas.


Roof-related condensation can easily be avoided by installing a proper attic insulation system to avoid the warm air from inside your home escaping to the attic. Many homes facing condensation problems have poor attic insulation. If you notice condensation in your attic, your house may be one of them, have it inspected to find out.

Leaking Chimney Flashings

Failed chimney flashings are one of the most common roof leak causes in the winter season. Chimney flashings are the lean metal strips that seal the intersecting points of the chimney and your roof. They prevent the water and moisture from dripping or seeping into the cracks. These flashings can be inspected for leaks by checking for water damage around both the attic and your roof.


Most leaky chimney flashings can be avoided by inspecting the caulking around them for any signs of damage, cracks, or erosion before the start of the winter season. If damage is inspected, a simple and timely chimney repair will solve the problem easily.

Leaf Build-up And Clogged Gutters

Leaves from the windstorms or dried falling leaves, start to land in your gutters, roof crevices, corners, and begin to accumulate. If the leaves are not removed from the roof, they will potentially accumulate moisture and cause leaks in the shingles below them. The leaf-filled gutters can easily get clogged, which will hinder the water flow leading to water backup in your gutter. This will cause water damage and require detailed roof repairs.


The easiest way to prevent your roof from leaf accumulation is by cleaning your roof and gutters after all the leaves have fallen. It is better to wait till all the leaves are gone, otherwise, you will have to clean your roof twice.

Tree Branches

Low hanging branches can pose threats to the well-being of your roof. During storms, heavy rainfalls, and snow, ice can build up on these branches and weigh them down. The weight can eventually make them break and fall on your roof. The impact can be strong enough to break the shingles, dent the metal, or even cause partial collapse of the roof.


You can prevent this issue by trimming away any low hanging branches before a winter storm sets in.

Snow Buildup

If you allow snow to stay on your roof after a heavy snow storm, the weight can exceed the bearing capabilities of your roof, causing it to collapse. If accumulated snow is accompanied with ice, the adverse effects of this risk can increase by manifolds.


If you notice more than a foot of snow accumulated on your roof, use a snow roof rake to remove it. Always remove the snow while staying on the ground as at that time the roof is slippery and dangerous to walk on.

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