Can You Install Metal Roofing In Winter?

November 18, 2020

Can You Install Metal Roofing In Winter?

With snowy weather just around the corner, many Canadian homeowners have started to worry about how this year’s winter will affect their roof. Last year, many Canadians reported damage to their roofs due to heavy snowfall and ice dams covering their rooftops. And apart from creating problems for residents, the damaged roofs affected their energy consumption, causing their bills to skyrocket.

Now, these occurrences are expected when the roofs are not well-maintained. However, there are instances when different roofing materials, despite their repair or replacement, have defied their guarantee and failed to withstand Canada’s harsh winter.

To avoid these problems, people are now opting for metal and steel roofing that has long been proven to be efficient and reliable in cold weather. So, if you were considering a new metal roof for your house but couldn’t go through with it in the summer, then getting it installed now in winter will work out just fine.

What Is The Best Time For Metal Roof Installation?

Fall is the busiest time of the year to install metal roofs. This is because the weather during this time presents roofers with the perfect conditions to install a roof. Since the weather outside is usually dry and not blazing hot, it is convenient and easy for professionals to get to the top of the building and perform roofing tasks. However, if you couldn’t schedule roof installation in the fall, then winter is also not a bad time to get your metal roof installed.

How Is It Okay To Install Metal Roofs In Winter?

Metal panels are strong and resilient. They are not subjected to breaking, cracking, or bending, which means snow and ice will not impact the materials during installation. Moreover, unlike shingles, metal sheets do not need to seal with adhesive to finish the installation project, making them excellent for winter roofing jobs.

How Could Metal Roof Installation Be Dangerous In Winter?

Installing roofs in winter can be dangerous. The surface is already damaged, and slipperiness and ice dams don’t help either. Thus, projects can take longer to complete. Sometimes, contractors don’t even have the specialized teams to handle this dangerous task.

For this reason, you must hire professional contractors for winter roof repair and installation. Also, keep in mind to not always go with the lowest bidder. Find yourself experts like Stahl Roof Systems, who know what they are doing and have insurance to cover all the mishaps.

It would be best to ask your roofing contractor about their team’s experience with metal roof installation in cold months. Ask for pictures and experience of recent winter projects they might have taken on.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Roofing Contractor?

If done correctly and by experienced contractors, you can get metal roofs installed all year round. Even in the coldest months. Not to mention, the right contractors will make sure the installation is done without compromising the roof’s quality. Expert professionals will also ensure that everyone stays safe during the entire installation process.

For many roofing contractors, winter roofing is just a part of their job. However, at Stahl Roof Systems, we make sure that we only send out teams on the job who have years of winter roofing experience. This guarantees that they know the procedures and safety measures by heart and will be extra vigilant in providing customers exactly what they want.

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