7 Steps To Follow When Installing A Roof

July 29, 2020

7 Steps To Follow When Installing A Roof

Every process has predefined steps that are mandatory to follow for achieving desired results. No matter if you are a roofing contractor or a homeowner looking for a roofing company to install a new roof, you need to know about the process of roofing. There are 7 essential steps every homeowner must know about when they need to get a new roof for their house. This will give the homeowners an idea of what is actually going on while installing a new roof.

Identification of codes and permits

The first step is always the identification of the local building codes and the permits needed for the construction of a roof. This way, your contractor will make sure they avoid any lawsuits or mistakes. If you have identified the codes of building, you will know which material you are allowed to use and how many shingles you can use on your roof. If you follow these codes, you will be able to build a roof that nobody will object to.

Choosing the roofing material

The next most important thing is to find the right roofing material for your roof. The type of roof you are installing and your budget are just two factors that help you choose the right material for the roof.

Removing the old roof completely

In the case of an old roof, which needs to be replaced, it is a must to remove the old roof completely. This is important so that the entire details of the condition of the building’s roof can be examined and necessary measures are taken if required. If you don’t remove the old roof completely, it may damage the new roof, and the new roof will not be properly installed. This can lead to repairs and problems which may not be solved even after the installation of a new roof.

Installing drip molding and flash roof valleys

Drip moldings and flash roof valleys are a crucial step that you should never skip. This will make your roofing process smooth as everything will be in place on time before finally installing your new roof. This will also avoid you having to rip apart the roof again if you forget the drip moldings and flash valleys. These are responsible for draining down the water and melting ice from the roof so that it is not left on the roof which can cause damage.

Use chalk to mark nails

You need to use chalk in order to mark the spaces between the roofing nails. This is very important to fix the new roof properly. The proper marking is very necessary for the appropriate installation without any defect.

Application of roof adhesives

When installing a new roof, there will be exposed nails and other openings that need to be sealed. Roofing adhesives are used to seal these spots and cracks so that nothing leaks from there and there are no uneven spots after the installation of the new roof.

Let the roof dry

The last step is to give some time for your new roof to dry so that it becomes ready for use. You don’t really have to do anything during this step but to wait and make sure it does not get wet before the adhesive dries.

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