Top Roof Preparation Tips For Winter

January 7, 2020

Top Roof Preparation Tips For Winter

Is your commercial building’s roof ready to withstand the winter? If not, it’s about time to inspect your roof and ensure everything is in good working condition. You don’t want clogged drains or other roofing issues to damage the integrity of your building. Proper maintenance is not only necessary to prepare your roof for the worse weather conditions but also important to extend its service life.

Commercial facility owners ask for trouble when they don’t winterize their roof especially when the roof is about to reach its serviceable life. A new roof might be able to withstand harsh winter without maintenance, but snow loads and freeze/thaw cycles can easily damage an old roof. So, assess the condition of your roof and make it ready for seasons to come.

One of the leading factors behind premature roof failure is negligence to find and repair deficiencies. Sealant failure at penetrations and defects in flashing causes separations at seams, splits in the membrane, leaks, and deterioration. These issues must be addressed in a professional manner to prepare your property for heavy snow. A little attention now can save you a lot of money and inconvenience down the road. Here are some valuable roof preparation tips for winter:

Assess The Framework

A thorough roof assessment is good for your roof’s health. It’s recommended to have your roof contractor inspect your roof’s framework each year, preferably before winter. If there are any signs of sagging, address them in a timely manner.

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Check Flashing

The most common spots for leaks to occur is the area along the flashing. A professional commercial roofing expert must spend considerable time inspecting this part of the roof to make sure it’s satisfactorily sealed. Typically, you can check your flashing at least once a year to make sure they aren’t loose.

Inspect Roof Shingles

Like flashing, your roof’s shingles can also loosen after a rough winter. Visible signs of curling and missing granules indicate that shingles need your attention. A professional roofer can easily repair or replace shingles and also brief you about the overall condition of your roof.

Examine Roof Valleys

The valleys of roofs are likely to leak, especially when your roof is old. This is a sensitive area because it has to deal with all the rainwater and melting snow that accumulates and flows through the valley. When the snow accumulates on your roof, it can create a potential for a leak to develop. So, keep the valley clear of all the debris accumulation. This will help you prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Clean Gutters

It’s important to clear your roof’s gutters, drains, and spouts. If you don’t have the equipment or time to carry out this task, hire a roofing contractor to perform the necessary maintenance. Also, the gutters should be secured to your facility. Loose gutters lead to an overflow which damages the roof and exterior walls.

If you observe any roofing problems, don’t get up on an icy roof yourself. Be sure to have a commercial roofing company take care of all the repairs and maintenance required.

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