Residential Metal Roofing And The Shade Dilemma

May 27, 2022

Residential Metal Roofing And The Shade Dilemma

For years, homeowners in Edmonton have faced the same dilemma when it comes to choosing landscaping options around their roofs. While surrounding trees can sound like an amazing solution to rising HVAC costs in summer due to the scorching temperatures, they also pose certain drawbacks for homeowners with regards to the well-being of their roofs and the need for passive sunlight in the winter.

As the most trusted and sought-after roofing contractor in Edmonton, we often meet numerous clients who are torn between enjoying milder summer temperatures and prioritizing the safety of their roofs. Many of you may argue that because Canadian summers are not that harsh, roof safety should take precedence.

However, for people who live in temperatures that fall as low as -13°C, even the slightest peak in temperatures feels like being thrown into a scorching furnace. Besides, Alberta is the sunniest Canadian province, so the summer temperatures are relatively higher here than in the rest of Canada.

Thus, the shade dilemma arises. Undeniably, trees significantly increase the aesthetic pull of a property, and their shade can surprisingly reduce temperatures by a few degrees. Their crowns act as barriers between the sun and the roof, which prevents the shingles from absorbing excessive heat and also blocks UV radiation. Moreover, strong trees can block out winds which may potentially damage your roof. However, trees are not all good news.

If the trees are weak, they may fall onto your roof and damage it. Similarly, tree shadows in the winter will encourage algae growth.

What do you do?

Don’t worry. This blog will teach you how to take full advantage of the surrounding trees while optimally limiting the danger to your roof’s safety.

How To Prevent Roof Damage From Trees

If you are thinking that cutting down the tree is the easiest way to fix the problem, get your thoughts straight. It is never a good idea to completely deprive yourself of the blessings nature has bestowed you with. The latter translates into ungratefulness with the result the world is currently facing in the form of global warming.

A bit of hard work won’t hurt. The following tips may prove very useful in this regard:

Plant Deciduous Trees

Considering the Canadian climate, evergreens are not a suitable option as too much shade in the long winters can be a great inconvenience. The perfect solution to this problem would be to plant deciduous trees around your property. These trees will shed their leaves in winter, which will regrow in summer when you need them.

Trim And Prune

If the trees are already present, you do not have many options unless you have the patience to get rid of the existing ones and wait for the new trees to grow. The best way forward in such a situation would be to regularly trim and prune the trees. Make sure there aren’t any weak hanging branches over your roof.

Consider The Proximity Of The Trees From The Roof Before Planting

Speaking of hanging branches, you need to consider the distance between your home’s roof and the tree you wish to plant. For this, it would be useful to get advice from an arborist. This will prevent the problem of branches falling onto your roof.

Cut Down Trees That Pose A Danger

Sometimes, overgrown trees may pose a significant danger to your roof and, ultimately, your safety. In such cases, cutting down the overgrown or weak tree is justified. Nevertheless, read the relevant local regulations regarding cutting trees.

Schedule Regular Roof Maintenance

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, regular maintenance keeps roof problems at bay. If your roof is surrounded by trees, regular maintenance will surely help retain its integrity. Request a reputable provider of roofing services in Edmonton to provide roof maintenance services.

Trees And Solar Energy

Although the discussion in this section is not directly linked to the safety of your home’s roof, it is relevant to the reason you want to surround your property with trees. You feel really ecstatic about the decline in your energy bills in the summer due to the trees, don’t you?

However, do you think that those who use solar energy feel the same? Absolutely not. This is because even the slightest shade on their solar panels will greatly diminish their energy production, which disrupts the electricity flow throughout the house. Thus, when contemplating planting trees around your house, consider this important aspect also.

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