Tips To Secure Your Residential Metal Roofing System From Winter’s Wrath

December 22, 2022


Undeniably, residential metal roofing is a worthwhile investment for every homeowner. While most experts anticipate residential metal roofs to last for about 50 good years in the Albertan climate, the results of proper care and regular roof maintenance may surprise some. In truth, metal roofs boast intrinsic abilities to withstand extreme pressure and challenging situations. On top of that, the latest advancements in the roofing industry and various protective techniques have made these roofs even better.

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While residential metal roofing systems require very low maintenance, keeping an eye on them can help the roof greatly surpass the 50-year age limit. Many homeowners have even reported that their metal roofs lasted for about 70 years. However, this level of durability, longevity, and withstanding power is not attainable without proper care. Low maintenance does not at all imply that you should leave your roof at the mercy of the harsh external elements.

In this regard, the most crucial season of the year in Edmonton and throughout Canada is winter. As Edmonton’s most reputed metal roofing contractors, we understand this phenomenon better than anyone else.

Beyond doubt, winter brings with it a lot of uninvited and fairly unpleasant guests, like extremely strong winds, loads of snow, and excruciatingly low temperatures. While a metal roof has what it takes to fight these challenges, it needs your assistance to retain its capabilities for a longer term than forecasted.

So in today’s blog, we shall educate our readers about how they can protect their residential metal roofs from winter damage. Surprisingly, all you need to do is follow some quick tips.

Ensure Proper Insulation And Attic Ventilation

One of the major challenges in winter is temperature and humidity control. While it is easy to optimize interior temperatures and humidity through advanced HVAC systems, the same can not be done for roofs.

Nonetheless, reputed metal roofing contractors ensure that your roofing material remains unaffected by temperature changes. From galvanization to other coatings and underlayment layers, a superior roofing contractor will utilize many different techniques to safeguard every layer of your residential metal roof. However, inadequate ventilation and insulation wear off in the attic will cause internal temperatures to differ from those outside.

This scientific phenomenon leads to many problems, such as condensation in the attic, mold, mildew attacks, and ice dam formations. While mold will degrade the metal and the interior roofing layers, ice dams will result in rust and corrosion. The latter will ultimately translate into a leaking roof.

However, you can easily control these problems by installing attic and roof vents in the right places. To ensure that this doesn’t happen regularly check your insulation and renew it when the need arises. You can also request an energy audit from a reliable roofing constructor to see whether your roof is still efficient.

Get Rid Of Brittle Tree Branches

Blizzards and wind storms are not new occurrences for Albertans. Every few years, nature decides to test our endurance and patience with these extreme weather conditions.

While you can keep safe by avoiding unnecessary outside visits, your home bears a great danger if you have trees with brittle branches nearby. Although high-end metal roofs are designed to withstand such a beating, an aging roof may sustain damage due to these.

However, you can easily avoid such damage by getting rid of the branches that hover over your roof.

Keep Your Roof Gutters Clutter-Free

Snowfall is a natural marvel that never fails to amaze humanity. However, it is not a good idea to let it stay on your roof for a long time, especially not when it melts and turns into water. Even though the sloping shape of residential metal roofing systems greatly helps in this regard, the importance of gutters can not be overlooked.

Unfortunately, gutters are an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ case for many homeowners. Neglected gutters often clog due to debris which leads to inadequate water drainage.

The best way to avoid water accumulation and refreezing on your roof top is by regularly cleaning your gutters.

Request A Residential Metal Roofing Inspection From A Reputed Roofing Company

While a residential metal roof will be able to maintain its structural integrity for years, it is difficult for an average homeowner to decide whether their roof needs repair. For this reason, metal roofing contractors in Edmonton recommend yearly inspections. In our opinion, the best time for such inspections is in winter. As mentioned earlier, this season is quite a challenge.

Get Timely Metal Roof Repairs

If the inspection reveals that your roof needs repairs, do not delay them. Immediately request residential metal roofing repair services from an experienced metal roofing contractor in Edmonton. Not only will the latter prevent any substantial damage to your home and family, but it will also save you from costly future repairs.

Install Snow Guards

Snow is not only bad for your roof but also for those who walk near the roof’s edges. This is especially true when your roof begins to shed snow loads in bulk as the temperature rises. The latter can result in many injuries.

In order to keep your family safe, install snow guards on your roof. This will ensure that the snow falls off the roof in smaller pieces rather than large chunks.

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