Metal Roofing & Rust: What You Need To Know

January 20, 2023


If you’re thinking about getting a metal roof, you’re probably wondering about durability and maintenance. Undeniably, it is critical to understand how the roof will respond to harsh winter temperatures and weather, particularly snow and rain. What can you expect in terms of future rusting? Can a metal roof withstand the harsh winter weather, including snow and rain?

The idea that metal roofs will rust is among the most widespread misconceptions about them. Modern metal roofing technology has advanced significantly, and expert metal roofing companies have created numerous strategies to prevent rusting.

Let’s examine a few facts about metal roofs that you should be aware of.

How Durable Are Metal Roofs?

You might be curious about the lifespan of metal roofs. Today, metal is the most preferred construction material in the industry. Metal is frequently used due to its lightweight, high energy efficiency, and excellent wind resistance. A metal roof has a fifty-year lifespan, which is an accurate estimate.

Additionally, most metal roofs require very little maintenance. The best part is that modern technology makes it possible to have a metal roof that won’t rust and will continue to look great for many years.

Do Metal Roofs Rust?

The response is based on the metal type, and roof finish you select. Yes, your roof will rust up to a certain point if you select a material that is intended to rust to achieve the desired aesthetic. Aside from that, your metal roof should withstand rust for many years.

Metal roofs will resist oxidation and rusting for the majority of their lifespan thanks to advancements in paint systems, finishes, and other technologies. But some things might influence whether or not your roof rusts. For instance, bare steel will rust if you have it. Or there’s a chance of rust if the edges of your panels aren’t cut cleanly.

How Does Rust Resistance Work?

Rust on metal roofs can be avoided by adding protective zinc coatings. Rust is caused by oxidation, which zinc fights. The galvanization process includes the application of this zinc coating. Galvanized steel is corrosion-resistant in all circumstances. Galvalume is additionally added as an additional layer of rust resistance. These processes improve the toughness and longevity of a metal roof.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Metal Roof?

A properly maintained metal roof will last longer and protect your house, possessions, and investment longer. The secret, however, is maintenance. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your metal roof:

  • Inspect the roof visually every 6 to 12 months, as well as after heavy wind storms, for raised, loose, or broken screws.
  • In the spring and fall, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clean and clear of debris and make repairs as soon as possible.
  • To avoid scratches and other damage, lift and remove branches and other debris.
  • To prevent the protective coating or paint from being scratched, damaged, or deteriorated, wash the roof, if at all possible, once or twice a year.
  • To prevent scratches and organic deterioration to the metal and paint, trim or remove overhanging branches.
  • Be careful not to damage or scratch the metal roofing and remove or prevent ice dams.

Hire a licensed metal roofing contractor if inspection and repairs are outside your area of expertise.

Proper Installation Is Essential

Making sure the panels are installed properly is essential to preventing rust when installing your metal roof. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional metal roofing contractor for proper installation. During installation, keep the following in mind:

  • Edges should be sharply and thoroughly cut.
  • Any scratches should be repaired with a paint pen or another type of sealant.
  • Fasteners should be driven in correctly because overdriving, underdriving, and driving them in at the wrong angle can cause rust on your panels.

After your metal roof is installed, expert metal roofing contractors should inspect it thoroughly at least once a year. Keep an eye out for any sharp edges, significant cuts or scratches, and other problems that might expose the panels and cause rusting.

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