What Should You Know About Metal Rooftop Gardening

March 25, 2022

What Should You Know About Metal Rooftop Gardening

As spring approaches, you might think about sprucing up your garden area or having one in your home. While we have often seen vegetables and plants growing in our gardens or backyards, doing this on your roof is a unique experience.

Growing vegetables on your metal roof can be a beautiful addition to your home. It is especially true if your home is located in an urban area. Moreover, you have access to fresh fruits and vegetables right away and don’t have to rely on hybrid vegetables.

However, many people are still confused about whether it is a good idea to grow a garden on their rooftop or not. They have so many questions in their mind regarding the structural strength, placement, types of plants to grow, and whatnot. Moreover, not all roofs are capable of gardening, and special climatic conditions are also required for this purpose.

Therefore, it is necessary to know what you can and can’t do if you want to have a garden on your metal rooftop. This blog post mentions a few details about what you should know about metal rooftop gardens.

Check For Permissions

If you are the owner of your house, you still need to ask for the permission of the local authoritative body to have a garden on your rooftop. There are certain building codes for every area, and you must abide by them. If there are no rules or regulations about this and you are the owner of your home, you can follow the other steps and precautions after deciding you want to grow a garden on your rooftop.

Shape Of Your Roof

Flat roofs are more suitable for gardens as they give you ample space to grow different fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it is also easier for you to take care of the plants on a flat roof. However, if you have a slanted metal roof, you can also grow on them like most.

One of the benefits of having a metal roof garden is that it captures sunlight if installed at the right angles. Sunlight is good for the photosynthesis of plants and helps them grow better. Therefore, it is better to seek advice from a garden expert before considering growing a garden on your roof.

Water Level

Some plants require high maintenance and need water daily for their effective growth. While other plants such as succulents or similar are low maintenance and require less water and observation. If you consider having such a garden with high-maintenance plants, you must think about their water system right away.

It might be hard for you to go on the roof every day and care for your plants or water them. Therefore, it is necessary to think of other ways you can help with their care. Consider installing a rain barrel or drip irrigation method if it’s easier for you. Maintaining a constant water supply to your plants is necessary for their growth and nourishment.

Other Points To Consider For A Rooftop Garden

Some of the other important points you must consider for a rooftop garden are:

  • Your roof should have an adequate amount of sun exposure necessary for your types of plants.
  • Consider the privacy of your roof and make sure your neighbors won’t get disturbed with your gardening activity.
  • Consider your budget and spend accordingly.
  • You might need electrical wiring for nighttime activity.
  • Make sure your roof can withstand the weight.


Investing in a rooftop garden is a long-term investment, and you should thoroughly think about it before doing anything. Metal roofs are strong enough to withstand the weight of plants and vegetation. However, it would be best if you take suggestions from a roofing expert before deciding on anything.

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