How To Fix A Metal Roof

February 14, 2020

How To Fix A Metal Roof

It is relatively easier to fix a metal roof than say an asphalt or a shingle roof. Minor roofing problems are quickly resolved and in a few cases, you don’t need to call in an expert. Inspecting the roof and looking for potential leaks prevents more serious damage to the wall, floors, doors and windows of the building.

If there is a leak, water from the roof may not always appear around the leak. It may run into sidewalls or accumulate in a barrier before spilling over.

Causes of steel roof leaks

Before determining the cause of a leak, confirm that it isn’t a case of heavy condensation instead. Check your AC’s ductwork or the pipes of your water heater.

Generally, there are two reasons for a leaky roof:

Improper installation

Different factors can account for poor roof installation work:

  • Failure to use tape sealant below screw holes
  • Failure to use an additional sealant strip
  • Improper use of caulking sealants and bar in longitudinal roof seam cavities
  • Poor installation of penetrations, flashing or joint sealants
  • Failure to caulk between the underside of roof panels and extra trim

Damage due to weather and ageing

A roof leak can also be caused by separated seams, rusted parts and sealant failures.

Routine metal roof maintenance

You should inspect your metal roof at least once a year. Old roofs should be inspected 2-3 times every year.

Consider recoating a rusty roof. Clear dirt off the metal roof before recoating it. Take care of any roof repairs before applying the new coat. The paint will also improve the building’s energy efficiency.

Metal roof repairs

Rust removal

Sand, grind or a wire brush may be used for removing rust. Grinding or scrubbing the area using a wire brush before applying primer is recommended for roof rust protection.

Replace missing and worn out fasteners

Look for fasteners that are worn out or missing. Use butyl rubber washers. Cover the fasteners with caulking using a sealant. Coat the sealant.

Fix minor holes

If you find small holes in your metal roof, these can be fixed simply by putting in some effort. Remove dust and debris from the patch. Use a putty knife to clear any loose roof coating. Apply butyl tape around the perimeter of the hole.

Cut a separate sheet of galvanized metal to dimensions that exceed the hole perimeter by an inch or two. Drill holes through the roof and the metal cutout at the same spots. Secure the cutout to the roof patch using screws. The screws must run all the way through the cutout patch, butyl tape and the existing roof. Tighten the screws against the roof panel.

Seal the patch using caulk and let it dry. Apply roof coating.

Advanced metal roof repairs

If an entire section of your roof needs replacing, consider calling in an expert. This type of roofing work exceeds the scope of DIY and should be entrusted to an expert who specializes in metal roofing, like Stahl Roof Systems. Contact Stahl Roofing now.