Inspecting The Roof Of Your New Property

September 12, 2019

Inspecting The Roof Of Your New Property

Speak to any roofing contractor in Edmonton and they will help you understand why the roof is the most critical part of your building and why you should care for your roof. The roof of a building functions as a barrier between the outside environment and your interior space. When properly built and maintained, the roof of your house or facility protects you against weather, branches, debris, wind, hail and all other outdoor environmental factors. So, your building must have a roof that adequately prevents your building from developing mold, leaks, etc.

If you’re looking to buy a new house or commercial building, make sure to thoroughly inspect the roof before making a purchasing decision. While it’s necessary to inspect every component of your potential new property, put special emphasis on the roof to make sure your new property has a strong and reliable structure. Here are a few steps that will help you evaluate the health of a roof:

Visual Inspections

You don’t have to be a professional roofer to make preliminary inspection or visually inspect the condition of the roof. So, start evaluating the overall condition of a roof by identifying glaring warning signs such as worn spots, curled edges, missing shingles, peeling paint, etc. Also, don’t forget to look under the roof for dirt stains, damages or chipping flashing. If there are deterioration signs or mold build-ups under the roof, make sure to consider the roof repair costs before buying the property.

Mold detection

While some mold types are easily detectable, other types are hard to identify because they are less visible. Old buildings with poorly maintained roofs often have mold beneath the floorboards, on the underside of the ceiling or roof, and in the wall corners. Why is mold a matter of concern? The leading causes of mold growth are poor ventilation systems and water-drenched roof materials. While mold contaminates the inner walls and ruins the paint of a building, it’s critical to consider the health risks associated with mold.

Breaks and leaks

There are a number of problems a leaking roof can create for the residents. While roof leaks damage the paint and walls, neglecting roof breaks and leaks can create many problems down the road. Always try to purchase a property that has a sturdy, well-maintained roof. Leaks are signs of a damaged property. Apart from poor maintenance, weather conditions can also damage the exterior of a building.

Consider roof history

It’s not enough to visually inspect the roof, learn about the history and age of your potential new property roofing system. For example, learn how old is the roof, what type of roof it is, and when the roof was most recently replaced. Getting accurate answers to these questions will help you understand whether or not you should buy the property.

You can always hire a professional roofing company and get the roof inspected for you so you can have a clear picture as to whether or not your new building is going to need the roof replaced or repaired.

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