Does Getting A Metal Roof Raise Your Home Value?

January 5, 2023


Metal roofs are an excellent property investment. Considering how energy-efficient they are, how long they last, and of course, how they survive in even the roughest environments, they can help you save money on your heating and cooling expenses. Some homeowners want to know if a metal roof will increase the value of their home.

In addition to offering you numerous financial benefits, metal roofs by expert metal roofing contractors are a fantastic way to raise the value of your house. Here’s how.

Greater Value When Reselling A Home

If you’re planning to sell your house, getting a new roof is a great way to raise its value. If a home has a metal roof instead of an asphalt shingle roof, its resale value can increase by as much as 6%. Furthermore, according to a remodeling magazine report, a metal roof has a 61% return on investment.

Although a metal roof has higher initial costs than other types of roofing, many homeowners believe that these costs are justified given the many advantages that metal roofing offers. A metal roof not only has a lifespan of 40 to 70 years, but also requires less maintenance, has excellent wind uplift and other harsh weather ratings, and has a sleek, fashionable appearance that improves curb appeal.

Those looking to buy a home find all these extra benefits to be very alluring. The resale value and overall value of a home are both significantly increased by a metal roof.

Lower Energy Costs

Another useful feature of metal roofing is that it can reduce a homeowners’ heating and cooling expenses. This is due to metal roofs being extremely energy efficient. They can reflect UV rays from the sun rather than absorb them thanks to their reflective properties. On average, homeowners with a metal roof save between 10-25% on their energy costs.

The Housing Market

How much value a prospective buyer will place on a new roof will also depend on your local real estate market. For instance, a new residential metal roof will inevitably increase its value if the prospective buyer finds it appealing.

Your selling price will be affected if your roof is fairly plain-looking or if it needs to be replaced because it is old. Driving through upscale neighborhoods in your area and taking note of the roofing on the homes will help you understand the value a roof can add.

Those roofs, which are made up of a combination of clay, metal, composite materials, and cedar shakes, will help to boost the value of your home and give the property an expensive appearance right away. For instance, metal tiles are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your house and convey high value to potential buyers.

Maintenance And Replacement Costs

It can be costly to have to repair or maintain your roof. Approximately every 15 years, the cost of roofing seems to double. The majority of conventional roofing materials have two distinct life aspects. They lead both a functional and aesthetic life. Most installed roofs have a functional life of about 17 years, whereas their aesthetic life is more like 7 years. This is because, in this short period, the effects of the weather will begin to degrade and age the roof’s material.

Even though an old-looking roof will still be able to protect you from the elements, it will affect how the house looks overall, especially to potential buyers. Those of you who have previously sold a home are probably well aware that prospective buyers will hire a home inspector, who will then examine the roof and pick it apart, especially if the roof appears worn and old.

They will then continue by informing you that the roof needs to be replaced and negotiating a lower asking price. These potential obstacles to getting the right price for your home will be overcome by installing a metal roof. Being long-lasting and durable, a metal roof will give you a new look and enhance the value of your home considerably.

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