What Are The Most Common Roofing Installation Mistakes?

August 4, 2022


If you hire a less reputable roofing company to get your job done, they may cut corners and get the job done quickly. They may also provide you with fewer installation cuts. If you try to save money during the installation process by hiring a less reputable and inexperienced company, you will need to pay its cost in the future. Most roof leak problems and major cracks are due to improper and unprofessional roof installation. But, you can save yourself from roof leaks and cracks by getting your roof installed correctly by a professional and reputable roofing company.

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If you are thinking of getting your roof installed read this blog to learn about some of the common mistakes installers make when installing a roof. By gaining knowledge about these mistakes, you can avoid them to make your roof last longer without getting damaged.

Wrong Alignment Of Shingles

An easy way to spot the wrong roof installation is to see its shingles. If the shingles are misaligned, your roof will become sloppy and affect the protective coverage that your roof can deliver. Gaps and cracks between the wrong aligned shingles will allow for water to invade, damaging your roof and the roof deck. Moreover, the water could enter your house too damaging its walls.

No Roof Ridge Cap

A ridge cap is a special kind of shingle designed to protect the ridge of your roof from harsh winds. This shingle comes in a pre-bent shape and is thicker than other shingles. If a roof ridge cap is not installed on the roof, then the wind may cause damage to your roof. The absence of a ridge cap from the roof is an expensive mistake that needs to be avoided at all costs.

Lack Of A Drip Edge

A drip edge is installed at the edges of your roof. The main job of drip edge is to redirect moisture away from your house. If your contractor does not install a drip edge, then water may get under your shingles and cause damage to your roof. However, the absence of a drip edge is risky in situations with wind and rain because water may easily get onto your roof and house. So the installation of drip edges at the edges of the roof is also an important part of roof installation.

Not Removing Previous Roof Materials

The most common mistake in the roofing industry is the installation of new shingles on top of the old ones. Contractors may not remove old roofing materials and install new ones. Doing so makes your new roof vulnerable to damage very quickly. If such a mistake is made, the damage caused to the old material will affect the new material very quickly. So, it is necessary to remove the old roofing material first before installing the new material.

Incorrect Nail Placement

Nails should be placed on the top layer of the shingles while installing. If the nails are exposed, they will corrode easily. They can also cause holes in your roof making a place for moisture and water.

Incorrect Nail Length

Nails should go deep into the roofs’ deck to hold the shingles tight for years. The nail length is different for each type of shingle beige used. But, if the contractor uses the wrong nail length, the shingles may get loose after a short time. This gives rise to the shifting of your shingles, lowering your roofs’ lifespan.

Not Following The Guidelines Of The Manufacturer

The manufacturers who develop your residential or commercial roofing material provide specific guidelines for the installation of their material. If the contractors don’t pay attention to the guidelines the materials may not provide the strength and function they need to. This mistake leads to various problems. For example, if the manufacturer provides a warranty but the roofing contractor does not install it according to the guidelines, the warranty may be voided.

Roofing Permit

Another mistake that is made is the failure to get a roofing permit. A roofing permit ensures that your roof is safe and follows the local building codes.

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