Top 5 Strategies To Prepare Your Roof For Winter

December 8, 2022


Winter has a significant impact on the durability of a flat roof, especially when it is not prepared to withstand extreme weather conditions. A commercial roofing contractor can facilitate you in preparing your commercial roof for winter to ensure it does not get damaged during the extreme cold season.

Focusing on proper roof maintenance is important to protect your investment. A number of factors are involved in this entire process. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Thorough Cleaning

The very first thing to do is ask the commercial roofing contractor about your options to thoroughly clean the roof. It is important to have the roof cleaned before the inspection process starts because once the roof is properly cleaned, you will be able to inspect every area of the roof.

Different types of dust and debris are likely to be present on your roof, especially in a commercial setting. Thus, cleaning it will ensure that your roof does not have any rot or mold. Moreover, it will also help to prevent issues such as drainage blockage.

Commercial roofing contractors are also capable of detecting the signs of animal infestation and applying suitable solutions. Otherwise, food scraps, droppings, and debris left by the animals on your roof can turn into a huge problem in the long run.

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2. Early Winter Roof Inspection

Preparing your roof for the extreme weather conditions of the cold season means you should get your roof inspected during the fall season or at the beginning of winter. These are the best times for annual roof cleaning and inspection to make sure your commercial roof is in the best possible condition.

Thorough inspection is necessary to identify the issues with the roof and let commercial roofing contractors apply suitable solutions to ensure your roof does not get damaged in the winter.

Some common roof-related issues that you could face in the winter include:

  • Cracks or gaps in the roof which can worsen due to snow refreezing and expanding.
  • Drainage systems can be at risk in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Accumulation of snow on a roof for an extended period can reduce its structural integrity.

Hence, relying on commercial roofing contractors is necessary to identify these issues early on and solve them. It also helps you save a significant amount of money as roof maintenance is much cheaper than roof repair procedures.

3. Leaking Impacts

One of the major reasons to get your roof repaired quickly is that extremely cold temperatures can make your roof issues even worse. For instance, if the snow melts on your roof, you will likely experience significant leaking.

Furthermore, if the water ends up getting refrozen on the roofing membranes, it can expand the existing gaps and cracks. The best choice to make in such a situation is to hire professional commercial roofing contractors that can provide reliable commercial roofing services and get your roofing system repaired before you start facing any significant leakage or drainage problems.

4. Have A Snow Removal Plan

If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow or even snowstorms, there is a high chance that you will need professional snow removal services a few times throughout the winter.

Therefore, it is important to have a snow removal plan before you start experiencing the issues caused by snow buildup. Keep in mind that improper snow removal can end up causing even more damage to your property. Do not try to remove the snow yourself, instead rely on snow removal experts or commercial roofing contractors to take care of your roof.

5. Maintenance Of Drainage And Ventilation Systems

Not a lot of people realize that taking care of your roofing system in the winter also means optimizing the efficiency of your drainage and ventilation systems. An ill-maintained roof can result in significant snow ingestion in the drainage system and pipes.

This can further lead to numerous issues, such as leaks throughout the building and even block the air vents. Preventing such issues is not a difficult process, as all you have to do is rely on commercial roofing contractors to take care of these issues.

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