Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

December 20, 2019

Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

Weather can have a massive impact on your roof and other building components. You need to prepare your commercial building to withstand the winter months when snow puts your roof to the test. All you have to do is just keep your roofing systems well-maintained throughout the year to minimize the weathering impact.

Good maintenance practices not only help your roof deal with the snow but also extend its service life. Regardless of your maintenance efforts in the past, it’s time for you to do some simple maintenance so that your roof can maintain its integrity and strength.

To avoid costly mid-winter repairs, keep your roof in the best condition. Let a professional roofer thoroughly inspect your roofing systems before winter hits. If you invest a little in maintenance today, it will help you save money and trouble down the road. Let’s take a look at some of the important roof maintenance tips to help you prepare your building for the winter:

Prevent ice dams

Winter is followed by one of your building’s worst enemies: ice dams, which are chunks of ice that gather along the margins of a roof. Ice dams don’t create problems when frozen. However, during the warmer part of winter, ice melts off the roof pools and seeps back up under the shingles. In some cases, water works its way through the roof into the soffits and ceilings. So, make sure to keep the gutters clean so that water can flow freely. This will help you reduce the number of ice dams on your roof. Proper insulation and attic venting also helps reduce ice dams.

Fix damaged parts

If your roof is damaged or there are leaks in the roof, call a reputable roofing service to replace or repair damaged, missing or cracked shingles. An expert roofer will inspect your roof to identify and fix any leaks. You can use a flashlight to inspect the attic for water stains and dripping. If not properly repaired or replaced, damaged parts of your roof will let the snow get into your building and cause costly damage.

Inspect outside and inside for sagging roof areas

Is there any bending or sagging areas on your roof? If yes, the only way you can satisfactorily resolve the issue is by bringing in a roofing contractor. They will analyze the situation and recommend a durable solution. It might be a good idea to have your roof’s framing structure assessed as well. Take these steps before winter takes over.

Trim the trees

If you have tree branches touching your roof or overhanging, trim them because branches can fall on your roof during the winter months. Make sure trees near your roof are not going to damage your roof.

While homeowners can take care of the roof maintenance with the help of adequate knowledge and tools, commercial roofs require professional attention.

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