What Are The Steps Involved In Your Roof’s Inspection?

October 8, 2020

What Are The Steps Involved In Your Roof’s Inspection?

Maintaining your roof isn’t as simple as you may think. There has to be a stepwise procedure that you must follow to ensure nothing is left out. Following the right steps in the correct order and at the right time guarantees the long, problem-free lifespan of your roof. Let’s see what these steps are and why following them is crucial for your roof.

Interior inspection

Whenever you start something, you need to find the most crucial point to begin with. Especially when it comes to the inspection of your roof, it’s always safe to start from the interior. If there is any leakage in the attic or walls, it means there has been some severe damage done already. It helps prepare you for what you need to do on top of the roof. If the signs are easily visible during the interior inspection, it means the damage was done quite some time ago. These aren’t good signs for you as fixing these damages will require immediate action.

If the roofing experts don’t see any signs of damage from within your house, it doesn’t mean that your roof is in perfect condition. There is still a need to carry on with the inspection of your roof.

Exterior inspection

After the roofing experts have checked your roof’s condition from inside the house, it’s time to walk outside your home. During this step, the roofing contractors examine the chimneys, gutters, flashing points, and ventilation points on the roof to see any visible damage. This is the first half of the exterior inspection of your roof.

The second half of exterior inspection involves experts going up onto your roof and looking closely at the roof to examine in detail if there is any spot from where the roof has started receiving damage. They’ll look for any cracks, dings, and de-shaped shingles, for instance, such as accumulation of algae, fungus, or any other type of harmful bacteria, and any debris that might have damaged the roof.

No matter the result roofing experts derive from the above step, the inspection of the roof from the top will precisely determine how much the roof has been damaged and what’ll be involved in repairing the roof. This is the real step that will determine how your roof will be repaired or replaced fully.

First, the experts will analyze the depth of the damage. They’ll have to remove the uppermost layers of the roof to look deeply into the matter. It’ll enable them to see how far the damage has already been done. They’ll then make a plan about the best possible solution, a complete swap of the old roof with a new one, or a restricted repair of the parts that have received damage.

Gutters’ inspection

The last step is to examine the gutters of your roof. It might be the case that after both the steps mentioned above of the inspection, your roof doesn’t show any signs of damage. If that’s the case, your roof’s gutters are the only place that may have become the source of damage. The experts have to inspect your roof’s gutters to ensure they’re not blocked and haven’t caused water, snow, or debris storage. If that’s the case, the rainwater, debris, and melted snow will not drain away from the roof. This can cause severe damage to your roof.

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