What Are The Benefits Of Thermoset Roof Membrane?

January 28, 2021

What Are The Benefits Of Thermoset Roof Membrane?

Thermoset Roof Membrane is a kind of roof used for industrial buildings and facilities. These roofs are also known as EPDM. There are several benefits this type of roof offers to building owners and their workers. Before we look into the benefits of EPDM or thermoset roof membrane, let’s look at what material they use to make these roofs.

What Is Thermoset Roof Membrane

It is a type of roofing consisting of a single-ply membrane, like some other types of roofs. It is made up of a rubber-like material which they use to make the membrane. It has been a time tested and reliable option for industrial roofing.

Let us now see how these roofs may benefit an industrial building.

Resists Fire

Thermoset roof membrane is capable of saving your industrial facility from fire. Its fire-resistant nature makes it the most suitable option for roofing a building. Fire explosions are more probable than in any other type of setting, such as a commercial or residential building.

It plays a critical role in confining the fire inside or outside the building. It can reduce the impact and damage a fire can cause to the property.

If there is fire on the outside, the thermoset roof membrane stops it from entering the building from the roof. On the other hand, if the internal section catches fire, it does not let it spread and protects the rest of the building and adjacent properties.

Resists Cold

When workers are putting in hard work in an industrial plant, they need a bit of comfort. The temperatures in which they are working day and night have a massive impact on their health, well-being, and performance. The thermoset roof membrane protects the facility from getting too cold for workers to focus on their work and helps keep them healthy.

Resists Ultra-Violet Rays

Ultraviolet rays can be dangerous to your workers and other materials used in the industrial plant. The EPDM roofs are capable of keeping the effects of UV rays away from the workers and the building. Lowering the impact and reducing the side effects of such rays keeps the work environment safe and conducive for the workers to keep on performing at their maximum potential.

Resists Acid

Acid can be a prevalent cause of accidents and damage in an industrial setting. There can be constant emissions of acidic fumes going upward and affecting the roof. Suppose ordinary roofing material was used on your roof instead of thermoset roof membrane. Your ordinary roof will not be able to resist such acidic elements. An EPDM, however, can withstand acid and remain strong even after having constant exposure.

Resists Alcohol And Solvent

In settings where alcoholic elements and other relevant solvents are involved, EPDM proves to be the best option. This type of roofing material provides resistance to alcohol and solvents and reduces the chances of any damage to the roof, and consequently protects the building’s structure.

Easy To Install, Maintain & Repair

Last but not least is the aspect of installation, maintenance, and repair. These roofs are easy to install, repair, and maintain.

The maintenance of an EPDM roof is also cost-effective. You don’t need to follow frequent and costly maintenance steps to ensure this type of roof’s perfect functioning.

Thermoset roof membrane is a reliable and robust material for roofs to withstand an industrial setting’s conditions. Even if your roof were to acquire some damage getting it repaired is easy. It offers straightforward and efficient repair work.

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