Warning Signs That You Need A New Residential Roof

November 25, 2021

Warning Signs That You Need A New Residential Roof

Signs that your roof is giving up are often subtle and late to appear. Like everything else, your roof has a useful life and after that life has passed, there are chances that it will give up. Sometimes it can give up before its life is over as a result of negligence on your part and lack of proper maintenance and repair.

However, one thing is certain that if your roof starts changing colors, water starts dripping on your head, or if water starts to seep into your nearby walls, you have waited for too long. By the time your roof shows its damage itself, you have missed your chance to replace your roof.

That’s why it is important that you practice regular maintenance and look for signs of damage. However, can you tell when your roof needs to be replaced?

Keenly looking for some warning signs can help you preempt the situation. This blog post highlights some of the signs you should look for to better understand when your roof might need to be replaced.

Missing Singles

Over time strong winds, rain, thunder, lightning storms, and sometimes wild animals in the neighborhood can tear your shingles apart. This allows for water to seep and penetrate into the sheathing layers beneath. This can result in roof rot which is usually very difficult to repair.

So if you notice any missing shingles on your roof after a storm, call a professional right away.

Curling Shingles

Shingles can begin to curl at ends after a few years of wear and tear caused by moisture and heat. Curling shingles are often the result of poor attic ventilation and double layering your shingles.


If some parts of your roof are starting to sag, this is a very bad sign. Sagging is generally a sign of structural damage to your roof such as inadequate spacing, inadequate bracing, and simply structural failure.

So, if you notice that your roof is starting to sag, call a roofing professional like Stahl Roofing system as soon as possible.

Deteriorating Flashings

If you have any exposed flashings on your roof (such as a chimney), check it when inspecting your roof. If you witness any cracked, loose, or deteriorated areas, they need to be repaired immediately. If you experience any leaks or water stains around these areas, you may have a greater problem, depending on how long the flashings have been leaking. Moisture can cause rot and if it has seeped inside your house, you might have structural damage.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters play a significant role in keeping the water away from your roof preventing it from developing water damage. Clogged gutters on the other hand can become a source of water damage. Therefore, it is important to clear away any obstructions and clean them at least twice a year.

When cleaning your gutters look for any shingle granules or any roof materials as this could be a sign that your roof is deteriorating.

Moss And Mold Growth

When moisture becomes trapped inside your attic or between your roof’s layers, without a way out, it induces the growth of moss and molds. These tiny sporous creatures silently kill your roof from the inside.

Spores tend to make their way to the tiny spaces between your shingles since these dark, damp places provide the best environment for their growth.

Not only are moss and mold-covered shingles aesthetically unpleasant but also result in severe roof damage. So, it is best to have these shingles replaced before the damage can spread to the whole roof.

Weakened Decking

Decking is the base of your roof. It acts as a support to all other layers of your roof such as its underlayments, shingles, and flashings. So, if there is damage to the decking there are eminent chances that the other parts of the roof are damaged too.

When water makes its way to the decking of your roof the wood can warp, bend, and weaken. When this happens your decking is no longer strong enough to hold the load of your roofs’ layers. This can have serious consequences even resulting in the complete collapse of your roof.

So, take this sign seriously and contact a roofing professional as early as you can.

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