Tips For Maintaining Your Metal Roof

March 6, 2020

Tips For Maintaining Your Metal Roof

There’s no denying that a metal roof far outlasts most other roof types. Regardless of conditions, it will certainly outlast any other known roofing material on the market.

Another key feature of a metal roof is low maintenance. A quality metal roof system doesn’t require professional care as often as many other roof types.

That doesn’t mean that a metal roof requires no maintenance whatsoever. Every now and then, there are a few things you must do to enhance the life, performance and appearance of your metal roof.

These tips generally apply to all roof types, but they are most relevant to metal roofs.

Here are some things to look for after installing your new and aesthetic metal roof:

Prevent bushes and trees from damaging the roof finish

Your new roof has just been coated with paint. Minor contact with bushes and trees may seem harmless, but over time, wind plays its part, causing the constant abrasion from tree limbs and bushes to compromise the roof coating.

Years of contact will cause serious damage to the roof. The metal roof may develop holes and cracks due to rust buildup in parts that lost their paint.

Better safe than sorry. Keep those limbs and bushes at a safe distance from the roof.

Prevent debris

A cleaning brush with soft bristles can be used to remove debris from a metal roof. If there are trees overlooking the roof, the valley will get its fair share of leaves and other debris. While most of it is blown away, take out time to remove the leftovers off the roof.

Don’t attempt to blow the leaves off the roof using a water hose. The high-pressure water may seep into and damage the inner parts of the roof.

Avoid walking on the roof

You can walk on most metal roofs without damaging their appearance or function. But don’t do it too often. Minimize the traffic on your roof as much as you can.

It also helps to check with your roof manufacturer if the roof is designed to be walked on.

Clean the gutters

Roof gutters tend to collect a lot of dirt and debris. Over time, it can damage the metal roof. An overfilled gutter may prevent the roof from drying out after rain or snow. The roof will begin to rust in those areas. You will drastically shorten your roof life if you don’t take care of this step.

Don’t spray paint

If you want to give your house a new coating, consider using a brush or a roller. Don’t allow the painter to spray paint the walls and other parts that are close to the roof. Particles from the overspray will leave permanent marks on the roof and destroy your roof’s look.

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