Tips And Tricks For Metal Roofing Maintenance

March 9, 2023


Cleaning is crucial to maintaining the appearance and longevity of your metal roof. As your home’s metal roof serves as the highlight of the exterior of your home, you want it to appear at its finest. Beyond just appearance, cleaning the metal surface is also required. Removing the dirt and leaves around your roof may extend its lifespan. Similarly, regular roof cleaning can keep dirt from adhering to the roof and damaging the paint.

Cleaning a metal roof is pretty easy and well worth the effort. However, it’s not as quick and simple as washing a car.

We’ll demonstrate how to thoroughly clean a metal roof in this blog, but more notably, how to do so safely.

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Guidelines For Properly Cleaning A Metal Roof

Safety is one of the most important considerations when cleaning your metal roof. Particularly when cleaning agents and water are combined, metal is slippery. You must keep in mind a few essential details in order to safely and effectively clean your metal roof, including the following:

  • Never, ever go up on the roof alone. Always ensure that you have at least one person with you when stepping onto your metal roof to avoid any potential accidents.
  • For safe roof cleaning, ladder safety is essential. If you want to further protect the paint or finish on your metal roof, you might want to consider using cushioned stabilizers.
  • Wear shoes with soles free of any stones or other debris. This is crucial if you want to walk around on top of your roof.
  • As an additional safety measure, consider purchasing, wearing, and using fall-prevention equipment. This group includes harnesses and some other fall prevention devices.
  • Pay attention to the instructions on the product carefully before using any cleaning agents or products. Certain cleaning supplies are poisonous and dangerous, and can harm not only you but also the earth below your roof when you wash the chemicals off of it.

Professional metal roofing services can help you effectively clean and maintain your metal roof safely.

Don’ts For Metal Roof Cleaning

Avoid utilizing materials that negate metal or paint warranties on roofs, such as:

  • Acetone / Acids
  • Additional wire brushes made of brass
  • Energy-efficient power washers
  • Paint thinners, paint removers
  • Any grain of sandpaper

Cleaning A Metal Roof

A few crucial considerations for cleaning a metal roof include the ones listed below:

Clear The Roof Of Any Extra Leaves Or Debris

Before starting the cleaning process, remove any significant dirt from your roof with a brush or by yourself to guarantee a clean surface.

Start At The Roof’s Top

When washing your roof, dirty runoff will slide downward, so begin at the highest point and proceed downward. Otherwise, the area beneath will become contaminated as unclean water leaks off the roof, ruining what you just cleaned.

Avoid Using Harmful Products

Nothing should ever be used on a metal roof, not even wool scrubbers, sandpaper, paint thinners, high-pressure washers, or wire brushes. With such items, you’ll scratch up your panels and do further damage. Avoid them at all costs!

Clean. Rinse. Repeat

Each panel should be scrubbed thoroughly with your cleaning solution and brush. Rinse it rapidly with clean water until the water flows clear to prevent stains. The panel should then be cleaned once more with a towel dipped in water.

What Should I Do About Cleaning My Metal Roof?

Once a year, we advise giving your roof a complete cleaning. The more consistently you do the work, the less daunting it will be, just like with any other type of cleaning. Depending on the size of the roof and the cleaning technique used, cleaning should take about 3 hours.

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