The Importance Of Proper Roof Ventilation

May 21, 2020

The Importance Of Proper Roof Ventilation

Whether you have a residential building or a commercial building, a high-quality roof is essential to maintaining the overall structural integrity of your property. However, without regular maintenance, the roofing frame experiences consistent wear and tear over time. One of the primary reasons behind a gradual reduction in the useful life of roofs is due to absence of proper ventilation.

Ventilation is a vital component of any building, whether it’s being used for households or as an industrial unit. Increased utility bills, molds, rotting wood, and ice dams all have one thing in common – improper or absence of adequate ventilation. The primary purpose of a sound roof ventilation system present in your home is to provide enough insulation against different elements, regulate temperatures, and prevent energy loss, especially during the summer season.

Now, let’s discuss the great significance of having proper roof ventilation in your building in detail:

Temperature Regulation

As discussed earlier, one of the fundamental objectives of installing a proper roof ventilation system in your building is to regulate internal temperature. It provides the perfect amount of insulation against various elements, and helps sustain the temperature inside your home without using your HVAC system excessively.

The much-needed insulation provided by a suitable ventilation mechanism helps in maintaining the air temperature inside your home within an appropriate range. It also prevents the outside air temperature from getting inside your home. Once your roofing frame is adequately vented to let fresh air enter and hot air escape through the attic space, your home will remain more comfortable year-round.

Reduced Energy Consumption

A decent ventilation system also results in lowering your utility bills during summertime. This is because a hot attic will impact the temperature of the entire building, which will only lead to excessive usage of the air conditioning units to keep the indoor cooler. When your AC unit is working more than usual, it will enhance your utility bills.

However, with a proper ventilation system, you’ll be able to lower attic temperatures and decrease your energy consumption.

Ice Dams Prevention

People often enjoy seeing icicles hanging from their residential roofs; what they don’t consider is that these icicles could also be signs of a potential roof ventilation problem. When the hot air rises, an attic that’s not adequately ventilated will get warmer at the top and cooler underneath near the edges, resulting in the creation of ice dams.

Ice dams are sections of ice that are usually formed around the edges of a typical roof. Much like regular dams, ice dams also act as barriers to the flow of melted water through gutters and off your roof. The water that’s left behind starts forming a pool that can seep into shingles, and ultimately dripping through your roof. A properly ventilated roof, however, will keep uniformly cold in the winter and inhibit the thawing process, resulting in the prevention of the creation of ice dams.

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