Top 5 Signs You Need Commercial Roof Replacement

October 6, 2022


Replacing a roof can be time-consuming and expensive, due to which many people will tend to ignore it for as long as they can. Business owners, especially, have to take care of many other factors, due to which they are not able to focus on such procedures. Commercial roofing contractors are available to help companies and businesses in installing, repairing, or replacing commercial roofs.

However, there are some common signs that can help you decide whether it is time to hire professional commercial roof replacement services or not. Keep reading to learn all about these signs.

Sign # 01 – Excessive Leaks

Leaks can be highly harmful to your workplace, but they are quite common for both commercial and residential roofs. If you see a significant increase in roof leakage, it means you have to get the roof repaired or replaced.

If your building has an attic, you should regularly check it for different signs of leakage. Since the roof is closest to the attic, there is a high chance that damage will first appear in this area.

Remember that it is not necessary for the water to always drip into the building. In many instances, water tends to get accumulated alongside the ceiling or affects other areas as the undersides of the commercial roofs are difficult to inspect. Therefore, if you suspect that the roof is leaking, you should call an expert for a thorough inspection

Sign # 02 – Damaged Membrane

A flat roof is one of the most popular commercial roof styles. Such roofs are made from a wide range of materials and membranes that tend to get damaged with time. Therefore, it becomes important to inspect the roof from time to time to ensure there is no excessive damage that can affect the entire building.

In an ideal situation, you should contact a commercial roofing contractor to conduct a thorough examination. However, if you are checking the roof yourself, you should look for bald spots or the places from where the membrane is lifting. Both of these are early signs of the fact that your commercial roof is no longer properly sealed and must be replaced quickly.

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Sign # 03 – Bubbles

Many commercial roofing systems are vulnerable to bubbling and blistering due to the accumulation of moisture under the roofing material. It will cause the water to travel through the roof and cause significant damage to it. It can also occur in new roofs if they are not installed properly.

So, if you notice any sort of bubbles on the roofs’ surface, you should definitely call commercial roofing contractors in Edmonton and get the roof installed properly to get rid of the bubbles.

Sign # 04 – Sagging

If a particular part of the commercial roof is sagging, it is a very clear indication that the roof is suffering from significant damage. Sagging is common in conditions when new roofs are installed on top of old ones or due to the accumulation of excessive moisture.

Compared to the other signs, sagging is the most noticeable sign of damage because you will be able to see that the structure of your roof is greatly disturbed. You should not ignore the damage to this extent as it can lead to serious dangers such as roof collapse. Therefore, it is best to get a sagging roof replaced as soon as possible.

Sign # 05 – Aging

The general lifespan of a commercial asphalt roof is anywhere between 15 to 25 years, while metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years, depending on how much you have taken care of the roof throughout these years. If your company has a very old roof, it is likely to show signs of deterioration which will show that you need to get your roof replaced.

You have to pay special attention to the overall condition of such old roofs in extreme weather conditions. Make sure that the roof is in optimum condition to withstand the winter months. Otherwise, you can simply call professional commercial roofing contractors to repair or replace the roof.

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