5 Tips To Save Money On Commercial Roof Replacement

January 12, 2023


There are many different situations in which commercial roofs may become irreparably damaged, leading you to have to get them replaced with the help of professional commercial roofing contractor.

The cost of replacing a commercial roof can be huge if you don’t pay attention to some key factors that are involved in this process. In this blog post, you will learn about the top 5 tips that you should follow to mitigate the cost of commercial roof replacement.

1. Rely On Experienced Commercial Roof Contractors

You are likely to find a large number of commercial roof contractors in your area. Choosing one specific company can be challenging. However, you should always go for a contractor who is experienced in dealing with different commercial roofing systems.

A well-trained roofing contractor will thoroughly inspect your commercial roof and determine whether it needs a complete replacement or whether some minor repairs will be enough. You can also use the services of commercial roofing contractors when you are buying a new property to get the roof’s health inspected by professionals.

2. Determine Your Stay Period

The lifespan of commercial roofing systems is dependent on many different factors. However, replacement becomes essential after many years of deterioration. So, whether you are hiring commercial roofing replacement services for your existing property or a new one, you should determine how long you are planning to stay in the building.

If you are planning to live in the building for a short period, such as 2 to 3 years, and the roof still has 10 years of life expectancy, then you can maintain the roof with small repairs. This means you won’t have to spend a lot of money to fully replace the roof.

However, if you are buying or leasing the building for a long period, such as ten to twenty years, then you should definitely start budgeting for a complete commercial roof replacement.

Some of the most important factors that are used to determine the lifespan of a roof are its age, square footage, type, and other such metrics.

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3. Determine Your Options

After you have figured out an expected timeline for replacing your commercial roof, you should start considering the different options you have to ensure you can complete the process within your budget.

Once you contact a commercial roofing contractor, you can discuss all of your requirements with them to determine the best options you have as per your budget. You can get a good estimate of the replacement cost from them so that you can focus on proper budgeting.

The smartest thing to do in such a situation is to start saving money for commercial roof replacement in the early stages. For instance, if you still have ten years left on your current roof, you should set aside a certain amount of money every year to cover the roof replacement cost.

4. Consider The Impact Of Weather Conditions

While experienced roofing contractors are typically able to give you a good estimate of the lifespan of commercial roofs, you must keep in mind that this entire timeline can be derailed by unforeseen circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions.

Canada has very extreme weather conditions that include hot summers as well as snow storms. Excessive accumulation of snow on a commercial roof can end up damaging it and reducing its life expectancy.

Many other specific factors, such as roof contraction and expansion, building position in terms of the weather, and season shading, have an impact on the health of the roof. Therefore, you must keep these factors in mind and have a clear idea that emergency commercial roof replacement may also become necessary.

5. Annual Inspection

Annual roof inspections can play an integral role in maintaining your commercial roof in optimum condition and avoiding huge emergency repairs. People tend to ignore annual inspections as they assume they are expensive or time-consuming.

In reality, you can save a lot of money by focusing on annual inspections and preventative maintenance to solve any roofing issues in their early stages instead of completely having to replace the roof.

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