Safety Precautions To Take When Walking On Metal Roofs

April 8, 2021

Safety Precautions To Take When Walking On Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are a popular choice among the majority of homeowners and businesses. They are easy to install and maintain. They are durable and look stylish after installation. But, what about when you have to walk on them?

There can be many circumstances where you may need to go up onto your metal roof. You may need to inspect them, paint them, etc. But, most of the time, people get confused and scared when thinking of going up there.

They imagine slipping and falling off the edges of the roof. Walking on a metal roof can be scary, especially if you don’t know how to get up there. You must know where to keep your foot to avoid damaging the metal panels and to avoid slipping.

Read this blog to learn how you can safely walk on your metal roof.

Check Your Metal Roof Before Walking On It

There are some things that you must check before walking on your metal roof. You can inspect the roof from the inside. Look for any cracks, weak spots, or holes that may impact the strength of the metal roof.

Also, check for dust and pollen on your metal roof. They may appear to be safe, but you can easily slip on them. Look for any missing beams or panels. If you notice any missing avoid going on the rooftop yourself as you would be putting yourself in danger. Make sure that the metal roof is completely dry and dust-free before you go up there.

Understand The Type Of Metal Roof

Understanding the type of the metal roof will help you analyze how safe they are to walk on. There are four basic types of metal roofs:

  • Metal tiles
  • Standing seam roofing
  • Corrugated panels
  • Metal shingles

Corrugated panels and standing seams are the safest to walk over. They are strong enough to hold the weight of many pounds. However, with metal tiles and shingles, you must choose their strong points to walk on them safely.

Walking Safely On A Metal Roof

Walking safely on a metal roof requires you to have the right kind of shoes. You must wear soft shoes with rubber soles that will allow easy movement and better traction. Wearing soft sole rubber shoes will prevent you from putting too much pressure on the roof.

Hard sole shoes can cause damage and dents on the metallic roofs surface by putting too much pressure on it. They will also limit your maneuvering and movement. Ensure that your shoes are free of grime and dust in their soles. Otherwise, they can damage the roof, and you may slip as well.

Walk on or at least near the rafters because they are more solid and can withstand your weight. Bend towards the metal roof in the case that the roof is steep. For a steeper roof, you will need to bend more towards the metal roof to maintain your balance.

You must use a safety kit when climbing on a metal roof. This kit is handy when you have to work on your metal roof. The safety kit includes an anchor, harness, and a rope.

Walking On A Metal Roofs In The Rain

We don’t recommend you walk on metal roofs in rainy conditions. This is because there is double the chance of you slipping as the metal roof is wet and slippery. Therefore, reschedule anything you have to do on top of your roof and decide on a clear sunny day to do it.

Even if you have to go up there necessarily, take all the precautionary steps. Wear shoes with soft rubber soles, use a harness, rope, and anchor, use gloves, and place one step at a time. Pay close attention to each step that you take, and try to be as slow as possible.

Be Safe With A Strong Metal Roof

Having a strong metal roof ensures you can walk safely on it. Stahl Roof Systems provide a wide range of commercial, industrial, and residential roofing options along with their services. To get in touch with us, you can click here.