Preparing Your Roof For The Autumn Season

November 11, 2020

Preparing Your Roof For The Autumn Season

When Autumn hits you should think of your roofs maintenance. Autumn is the time when leaves fall in abundance. The fallen leaves on your roof can block the gutters and drains of your roof. It can damage your roof as the water will not be able to flush away completely. Taking care of your roof during autumn is more crucial than any other season, mainly due to the fact that winter follows it, and it’s always good to prepare for it.

Clear The Leaves And Debris

When autumn arrives, clearing the leaves from your roof becomes all more important. Leaves can become a source of damage and contamination for the roof. It is crucial to ensure your roof is clear of all the leaves and debris.

Autumn fills your roof full of leaves blocking the gutters and drainage of your roof. Ensuring a clear roof will prevent it from damage in the future. Sometimes you may think that leaves can’t damage the surface of your roof, but it can cause damage by blocking the drainage. Other types of debris also can damage the surface. Therefore this debris must be cleared away during the autumn season.

Must Not Welcome Unexpected Guests

You need to ensure that your roof doesn’t become a host for unexpected and unwanted animals, birds, or other living creatures. Even a small, harmless-looking living being can damage the surface of your roof.

You must watch your surface closely during autumn. As the temperature starts to drop, insects and birds tend to find shelter for themselves. You can get humane traps set by professionals before any living creatures start to settle in on your roof.

The problem here with these small living beings is that their presence and the damage they cause are both hard to notice. They can damage your roof silently, going unnoticed until one day the roof starts to leak or shows severe signs of a crack or an opening.

Must Not Ignore The Attic

The attic, being an integral part of your roofing system, needs most of your attention and care both from you and the roofing contractors. The two main concerns you might have to check your roof for are ventilation problems and improper insulation.

The ventilation is done due to the natural airflow through the vents at the bottom and on the roof. When air gets warm, it rises above and goes out of the vents above. On the other hand, when the air gets cooler, it becomes heavy and comes to the bottom. This keeps the temperature of the house moderate and comfortable. If there is a problem in your ventilation, such as a blockage, the air will not flow adequately. Resultantly, the temperature and air quality in the house is affected.

Not only does it regulate the temperature, but it also controls the moisture level in the house. When the ventilation is not functioning properly, it makes the house heat up from the inside due to heat and moisture buildup.

This warm air has nowhere to go outside the house, and thus it condenses. In parallel, moisture can also shorten the lifespan of your roof. The heat trapped inside the attic can melt ice quickly. This results in damage to the roof as well. It is very crucial to maintain your attic if you want to remain comfortable during the winter season.

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