Metal Roof Options For Your Commercial Premises

February 27, 2020

Metal Roof Options For Your Commercial Premises

Metal roofs are considered to be a strategic roofing solution, as they offer total protection to your commercial or industrial premises. Metal roofs demand minimum maintenance over the passage of decades. They offer you complete freedom, as you choose their material, design, and layout, among other options. Metal roofs are the best option if you experience extreme weather as well, especially if you have to deal with consistent snow and moisture. Stahl Roof Systems would like to inform you about the options you have, while you plan on getting a metal roof for your commercial premises.


Steel is the most common material used in metal roofs. It is also one of the most affordable, because it is often a recycled material. Aluminum roofs are much more expensive, but they can also be more durable in certain applications, such as in coastal places. Copper is the most expensive option for metal roofs and is chosen primarily for its intense colour and visual appeal. Sheet metal roofs can be used in buildings such as barns or sheds, but are not at all limited to these applications. This material is the most durable, least expensive and most used to create metal roofs.


Metal roofs can be used in both steep and low-slope roof structures. Plain or embossed panels are installed using a locking technique that creates a raised joint design. Some metal roofs are formed in tiles to mimic the appearance of wood or clay roofing. The metal can be fixed with nails to give it a realistic appearance.


While metal roofs generally offer many benefits to homeowners, each type of metal roofing material also has its own advantages. Steel is one of the most durable types of roofs and is resistant to dents caused by wind, strong impacts of hail and heavy snowfall. Aluminum is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and is often the best option for roofs in coastal areas. Copper, tin and aluminum are usually left unfinished and require little maintenance to maintain their appearance over the passage of decades.


Each of these materials also has some disadvantages that must be considered. Steel can oxidize or corrode, and should not be used near saltwater or very humid areas. Aluminum is a relatively soft metal and tends to dent easily. Copper interacts with the oxygen in the air to form a greenish coating. While some buyers like this effect, others consider it a disadvantage. Steel must be repainted every few years to maintain its look. You can, however, judge for yourself which material will best suit your particular needs.


When choosing between different types of metal roofs, consider the desired look, as well as the style of your commercial or industrial premises. Visual appeal is particularly important when the roof pieces are visible from inside the building or from the outside. It also helps to take into account the cost of the cover compared to its useful life and maintenance requirements. Finally, consider the local weather, including wind, rain and snow levels.

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