All You Need To Know About Winter Roof Replacements

January 14, 2022

All You Need To Know About Winter Roof Replacements

There is no set time to realize and decide that you need a new residential roof. Perhaps one of the scariest times to realize you need a new roof is on a windy, snowy day in the middle of winter when your roof suddenly starts leaking. Many people, despite being in desperate need of a new roof, refrain from getting one. This is the reason we often find people asking – can you even replace a roof in winter? The simple answer is yes!

The following blog post will guide you through the needs, processes, and conditions you need to fulfil to get a successful roof replacement in the winter season.

How Does Winter Alter The Roofing Practices?

Although every season comes with its challenges. The winter season compels the roofers to take things into special considerations and alter their professional practices. Some of them include:


The winter season alters the way roofers treat specific materials.


The ideal temperature range to install laminate shingles is between 40 C to 260 C. as anything under 40 C will make the shingles brittle and hard. They will be more prone to cracking and breaking. This does not mean that they can’t be installed in the winter season. It is just that the roofers need to be extra careful in handling the shingles.


Modern shingles are equipped with a self-sealant that activates under the heat of the sun. This sealant actively binds the sheet shingles together and refrains them from rising in the wind.

The cold weather slows the self-sealant process. Therefore, when installing shingles in the winter season roofers should use at least six nails per shingle instead of the normal four. This will help the shingles stay firm during winter replacement.

However, you can only expect a professional and certified residential roofing contractor to deliver the best results despite harsh weather conditions.


Sealant and shingles are not the only things affected by lower temperatures. Winter can equally be tough on some of the most dependable commonly used roofing tools, such as compressors and nail guns.

When used, the compressor tool releases some steam. Below freezing point, these vapors will condense into liquid rapidly. As ice accumulates, it will reduce the airflow which will in return compromise the efficiency of the tool.

Regardless of the season, the nails being nailed into the shingles always need to be driven in just right. If the nail is underdriven it can cause the shingles to sit up and leave bubbles in the shingles, making the roof and shingles vulnerable to the effects of heavy winds. On the contrary, if the nails are overdriven it can tear a shingle.

Unfortunately, if the nail gun becomes obstructed or gets rusty in the cold temperatures, it will not be able to drive the nails as deep as they are required. Therefore, to overcome these problems roofers need to regularly monitor the presence of ice in their compressors and all keep a close eye on the depth adjusters or nail guns.

Health And Safety

One of the most eminent winter roofing hazards roofer’s come across is that of slick surfaces due to ice and snow. Hidden dangers like vents and skylights, and other adverses of harsh weather conditions particularly extreme cold.

As a homeowner, you need to make sure that you work with a committed roofer that ensures to take the necessary precautions and maintains a safe working environment for the working crew. Therefore you need to look for special characteristics in a roofing contractor before hiring them. Some of them include:

Ask About The Contractor’s Safety Program

If the contractor you are choosing employs more than five people, then they are legally bound to have a health and safety program in place.

General Liability And Worker’s Compensation Insurance

When your roofer doesn’t have general liability or workers compensation insurance and something goes wrong during roofing, either your property is damaged or one of the workers is injured, you could be held liable for repair and medical costs.

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