What You Should Know About Installing Skylights On A Residential Metal Roof

November 18, 2021

What You Should Know About Installing Skylights On A Residential Metal Roof

Skylights are a great addition to any space for better ventilation and natural light. These tiny windows in the roof of your home add more light and air to the space and increase your home’s curb appeal.

Installing a skylight on your roof demands you to get services from a professional roofing company with the required experience. Moreover, before installing a skylight, it is better to ask your metal roofing contractor about the necessary details and questions you might have regarding installing a skylight on your metal roof.

This blog post highlights the details you might need to know about installing skylights on your residential metal roofing.

Why Should You Install Skylights On Your Roof?

Skylights are a fantastic choice if you want to add some natural light to spaces in your home that are otherwise too dark and dull. They can also be an excellent source of passive ventilation by utilizing the stack effect. The stack effect happens when skylights are open in combination with vertical windows.

For those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint, installing skylights can be a great way to get abundant sunlight and avoid running an electric heater for indoor heating during the day or a fan for ventilation purposes. You can also install skylights to make a space feel bigger and brighter than it is.

Skylights And Metal Roofs

The best time to install a skylight is when you are re-roofing. You can install skylights on an existing roof, but for that, it is better to hire a professional roofing contractor who won’t damage your roof.

Many people have this confusion about whether they can install skylights on a metal roof. The answer is you can install skylights on a metal roof. However, there are some necessary considerations you have to keep in mind. Those considerations are as follows.

Hire A Professional

Skylight installation on a metal roof requires careful planning and an experienced roofing contractor who knows what they are doing. A faulty installation can wreak havoc on your roofing and skylight system and prove costly to repair. Therefore, hiring a professional roofing company or skylight contractor is necessary to avoid problems later on.

Most of the time, metal roofing requires custom flashing details. You should pay special attention to the metal seam to prevent leaks. Improper mounting of the skylight will let water in. So, it is necessary to hire experienced professionals for the job.

When Should You Install Skylights On A Metal Roof?

There is no specific time to install skylights on a metal roof. However, it is better if you install them at the time of roofs’ installation because otherwise, the task of installing a skylight could be laborious, time-consuming, damaging to the roof or skylight, and more costly.

A professional contractor will be available to help you in the installation of your skylights anytime you want. They would know how to install them without causing much damage to your roof or the skylight. Replacing the skylight and roof simultaneously will do your roof a wealth of benefits in terms of infrastructure.

Find Out Your Energy Needs

Metal roofs are a great choice when it comes to energy efficiency. They keep the warm air inside your home in the winter and keep the hot air outside in summer. This helps to maintain an ideal level of temperature in the building. Installing a skylight will bring in more heat and light from outside. This might be a good or a bad thing for you, depending on where you live. Hence, it might affect your energy efficiency goals.

Skylights Might Add Noise

Noise is another factor you should consider when pondering whether to install a skylight on your metal roof. While Colorbond roofing and additional insulation can lessen the noise to some extent, they can’t completely reduce it.

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