How To Solve Some Common Industrial Roofing Problems

May 14, 2020

How To Solve Some Common Industrial Roofing Problems

There are many differences between the roofs of a residential property and that of industrial premises. Despite many variations in the tensile strength and durability of both roofs, both types still require frequent maintenance and care. Although industrial roofing systems are more robust than residential ones, they undergo consistent wear and tear because of the substantial nature of work being carried out in the manufacturing units.

It doesn’t matter what type of material your industrial roofing structure is made of; the majority of the roofing issues arising in them are similar. Some of the most common causes of such roofing problems include incorrect installing, leaks, standing water on rooftops, improper roof repairs and ventilation, and lack of proper roof maintenance.

Now, let’s talk about some of the common problems that may arise in your industrial roof and how you can solve them:


Most of the industrial roofs are made to last between 20 to 30 years on average. Nonetheless, this figure may vary depending on various factors, including aging. Despite having a carefully executed maintenance program, if you forgot to consider the aging element of your commercial roof, you might have to replace or remodel your industrial roofing structure due to its increased age.

It’s highly recommended to have an upper layer of your roofing structure inspected and maintained through reliable industrial roofing contractors regularly to avoid frequent deterioration issues of your roof.

Standing Water

Unwanted pooling of water at your industrial rooftop mainly occurs due to the absence of proper drainage, which itself results from a lack of frequent cleaning of gutters and downspouts, ultimately resulting in clogging. The higher the amount of standing water at your factory rooftop, the higher the weight of the roofing frame will get, thus, hurting the overall commercial property’s structural integrity.

In order to avoid the accumulation of water at your industrial rooftops, make sure that each outlet is regularly cleaned to facilitate the process of water drainage.

Roof Leakages

Roof aging, standing water on rooftops, unfavorable weather conditions, and other such elements could result in significant industrial roof leakages over time. This problem is commonly observed when rainwater gets accumulated over top of roofs. Initially, leaks are not easily visible, but, with the passage of time, some indications might point towards a leaky roof.

The presence of odors, molds, and even discoloration of a roofing structure could be signs that there might be some leaks present in your commercial roofing system. In order to fix a leaky roof, it’s best to obtain the services of a reliable industrial roofing company operating in your area.

Physical Damage

Last but not least, physical damage occurring to your industrial roofing system could even add further impairment to your entire commercial property. This could very well be because of some essential equipment you may have installed over your commercial rooftop. Sometimes, a slight human error results in damage to the machine present on a roofing frame. Such types of physical impairments, if not dealt with at the right time, could result in further severe problems with your industrial roofing system.

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