How To Prepare For A Metal Roof Installation

February 11, 2021

How To Prepare For A Metal Roof Installation

Are you getting confused about how to prepare for metal roof installation? We have seen many people become anxious about their home renovation projects. If you are thinking of installing metal roofs, you need to prepare for a dramatic change to your home. It is going to be an excellent decision to update your home’s outlook. Metal roofs are durable and look more stylish than asphalt or cement roofs.

It is an exciting time to see your home being renovated and having new things installed. Getting new metal roofs installed on your home is no less than an adventure. Metal roof installation is a necessary process, and you must plan for it.

If you feel confused about what you need to prepare for before installing a metal roof, read our blog. Moreover, you can always contact Stahl Roof Systems for a smooth metal roof installation process.

Here are just a few ways of how you can prepare for your metal roof installation.

Select The Right Contractor

Have a reliable metal roof installer by your side before you begin to install your metal roof. Do your research and choose an experienced metal roof company that is near to your home.

If possible, ask your contractor to visit your home and get an estimate of your metal roof and inform you about the cost. Keep in touch with them from the initial process up to the final installation.

There are some things that your contractor should check:

  • Roof access
  • Gutters
  • Surrounding landscapes
  • Area to be covered
  • Pitch
  • Sides of chimneys
  • Flashing zones

Consider All The Metal Roofing Options

Consult with your roofing partner about the various options available to you. Ask them about different roofing materials, colors, product information, and samples. The most important consideration is to choose the right roof that matches the pitch of your roof. It must be able to withstand severe weather conditions.

Once you are okay with this, you can select the color, material, and other options based on your budget and choice. Make sure that they provide you with a warranty as most roof companies do. There is a standard 40 year warranty. However, some also give a 20-year warranty.

Clear The Area Around Where They Will Be Working

You don’t want your contractors to be disturbed by clutter lying around. Make sure to clear up their working space before their arrival to give them maximum workspace. You should remove essential items from balconies, roofs, and parking lots. Also, park your bike or car somewhere else to save them from a sudden accident.

Also, decide where the workers will be parking their cars and keeping their tools. If you have any hanging pots or plants, take them inside and place them somewhere else. Please keep your pets inside to avoid anything happening to them.

Inform Your Neighbours

It is a courtesy act. Inform your neighbors that you are going to be changing your roof. It is going to be disturbing for you and your neighbours especially if your homes are near to each other. Metal roofs make noise during installation.

It is better to inform your neighbors about it, so they are prepared for the next few days. If weather conditions get worse or any other thing happens, installation can be extended a week.

Arrange Break Timings

Your workers may need to take breaks in between. Because metal roof installation involves a tedious process, you need to set timings to get breaks in between. Set timings at which you can go out of your house and take your pet for a walk.

Moreover, your workers may choose to stay in a portable room. Most workers will arrange food for themselves.

Secure Your Delicate Interior

Installing a metal roof includes a lot of noise and vibrations because of the material. Therefore, you must secure your delicate interior and decoration pieces such as mirrors, glass bottles, and more. Take these decorations inside and keep them in a secured place where they are safe from rattling.

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