How To Make The Best Of Your Metal Roofing In Winter

November 25, 2020

How To Make The Best Of Your Metal Roofing In Winter

If you live in a region that frequently witnesses below freezing temperatures in winter, which is a common site in Edmonton, then you’re most definitely familiar with ice dams that often cause trouble for you and your houses’ roof. Apart from being extremely dangerous for all passersby, these ice dams can ruin your roofs structure and may form cracks and leaks.

Although the damages due to ice dams are rare in new metal roofs, we can’t rule out the possibility when the weather is so unpredictable. Moreover, it is essential to take precautions than to wait for something terrible to happen.

For this reason, this winter, your property and especially your roof must remain protected from the dangerous and expensive effects of a snowstorm, ice dams, and more. Here is what you can do to improve your metal roof’s performance in the biting cold;

Inspect Your Metal Roof For Any Damages And Leaks

Air leaks and damaged roofs are the most common causes of a leaking roof in winter. Moreover, the warm air that escapes from inside the building into the attic or ceiling leads to the quick formation of ice dams on the roof. A damaged roof also decreases the efficiency of the house and causes an increase in energy bills. However, all of this can be prevented by getting your metal roof inspected and maintained by a team of experts before winter starts. Make sure all air leaks are sealed with a two-component polyurethane foam spray.

Install Metal Roof Snow Guards

If you would like to have a hazard-free metal roof, it is essential that you find ways to deal with ice dams. Snow guards, or snow stoppers, are just the right devices to achieve that.

By installing snow guards over your metal roof, you’ll be ensuring that snow doesn’t become a source of danger for anyone. Installing snow guards is a great way to trap snow and let it melt slowly without causing floods, avalanches, or other inconveniences. The proper installation distance between the snow stoppers and roof gutters is 6 inches. This distance ensures that heavy rain and melting snow doesn’t overflow and spill over the gutter.

Without the snow guards, the water’s weight from rain and snow can separate the gutter from the metal roof, creating a gap between the gutter and the wall of the house. Over time, water will inevitably seep through that gap and damage the house’s foundation’s integrity.

Install Roof Heating Cables

Sprinkling rock salt over your metal roof to prevent ice dams is not always a good idea. It is unsafe for you and harmful for your roof as sodium chloride is highly corrosive to metal roofs. However, fortunately, there are other ways to prevent snow accumulation on your roof.

Roof heating cables, or roof de-icing wire, is a great way to stop snow from forming ice dams. These cables are handy and convenient and, when installed in a zigzag pattern across your metal roof, can slowly heat the ice and melt snow off your roof.

How Can Stahl Roof Systems Help You Achieve The Best Results?

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