How Does The Sun Affect Your Metal Roof?

June 10, 2021

How Does The Sun Affect Your Metal Roof? | Stahl Roofing

The summer months can be damaging not only for you but for your roof as well. The UV rays affect the external surface of your metal roof, thereby weakening it internally. While most metal roofs are built durable and strong, sunlight can still impact them.

We can’t deny how beneficial it is to have a metal roof. However, UV rays can indeed damage them. But, if you know about the nature of these damages, you can avoid them before they cause any serious trouble. This blog post highlights the effects of the sun on a metal roof and how you can counter them.

Damage To The External Coating

Metal roofs have a protective coating on the outside to protect them from harsh weather conditions. It is often bitumen or elastomeric acrylic that protects metal roofs from rain, UV radiation, and hailstorms. With time, the heat from the UV rays can damage this coating. The coating becomes brittle and weak, and in some cases, completely breaks off. It can expose the internal parts of the roof, making it more vulnerable to water and sun.

Therefore, timely repair and recoating of your metal roof is essential to ensure that your roof is kept in excellent condition. Ask your roofing contractor about the inspection and repair of your metal roof.

Effects Of Thermal Shock

Thermal shock is another problem among roofs, but you can avoid it. The fluctuations in temperature from day to night can affect the integrity of your metal roof. It can cause cracks, buckling, and enlarged fastener holes that can impact the overall structure of your roof. It also affects the flashing and seams of the roof that join the roof together. An old roof is more prone to thermal shock because its quality has degraded over time.

Avoiding thermal shock is possible only by using high-quality materials. Furthermore, regular inspection can detect problems with your roof in its earlier stages and prevent the condition from worsening. Moreover, you must always choose good quality and appropriate roof materials suitable for the climate of your area.

Bleaching Of The Roof

Bleaching is another problem common among roofs with darker colors. Because darker colors absorb more heat, UV radiation can affect the color of the roof called bleaching. Bleaching negatively impacts the aesthetic of your roof. This problem also requires regular inspection and having the physical condition of your roof checked. Re-painting and re-coating can reduce this damage. Wood shake roofing and architectural shingles are more likely to face this problem.

Further Condensation Problems

UV rays can damage the structure of your metal roof. This damage can affect the interior of your building if the problem is not addressed timely. It can also lead to condensation problems, especially when the attic is not well-ventilated. Make sure to address such issues timely to avoid problems.

How Can You Avoid Sun Damage On Your Roof?

The most important step you can take to avoid sun damage to your roof is to have it inspected regularly. Regular inspection will help to detect problems in their earlier stages, so you can repair them on time. A reliable metal roofing company can get you more durable and high-quality metal roof materials to withstand all weather conditions.

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