Deciding Between Re-roofing and Roof Replacement

May 8, 2020

Deciding Between Re-roofing  and Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof and re-roofing are two different terms and types of services in the roofing industry. Mostly, people might confuse these terms and may use these terms interchangeably. For this reason, the distinction between these two services should be clearly defined, explained, and elaborated so that clients exactly know what they actually require and hire the services of the roofing company accordingly.

What is re-roofing

Re-roofing refers to putting new shingles or metal sheets on the old roofing that had been installed before. New shingles are put on the older shingles. This means that only the uppermost layer of shingles is reinforced but the entire roof is not removed.

Re-roofing is the most cost-effective type of roofing service because it does not involve ripping apart the entire roof. It might be the most suitable option when a client’s roof is not totally damaged inside out but just the outermost layer is affected by wear and tear and buckling up of shingles.

In other words, we can say that re-roofing involves a cosmetic solution to the roofing problem. New shingles are placed over the old shingles. The primary purpose of this type of roofing solution is to give a new look and appearance to your roof.

Advantages of re-roofing

One of the advantages of opting for re-roofing is that it does not take much time or material. This is why it is a much more cost-effective option for the clients whose roof has not been worn out completely.

Another benefit is that as you do not have to replace the entire roof, it saves a lot of time. It is the quickest way of fixing your roof. If you are in a hurry, you better go for this option in case you do not have serious damage to your entire roof.

There are some situations in which deciding in favor of re-roofing is not as useful. One of the situations is when you have metal roofing. Re-roofing should also not be done if you already have more than 1 layer of shingles/roof. Applying the third layer is also prohibited in many areas of the country. Another thing to consider is that replacing the entire roof and replacing it with a complete new roofing is a more durable option.

What is roof replacement

Roof replacement involves stripping off the old shingles, or metal sheets, including all the layers of materials applied before. The stripping continues until the bare deck of the roof is exposed. In other words, you can say that the old roofing is completely removed in case of roof replacement. It involves the new roof to be applied right from scratch. It is, therefore, more time consuming and costly, but by far the best roofing option. It will involve more labor also to carry out the job. On the other side of the story, roof replacement has many advantages.

In replacing the roof, the new shingles are applied on the deck before a felt paper or an underlayment is applied to the bare deck of the roof. The purpose of using this layer is to make sure that the new roof can provide safety and protection from the weather conditions over time.

Advantages of roof replacement

It offers more durability and a lifespan of up to 20 years. It goes into the depth of the roofing problem and makes sure nothing remains hidden beneath the layers of shingles. It is also much better to install a new roof rather than apply re-roofing, as this method creates a fresh new installation and will last many years with minimal to no maintenance required.

A couple of minor factors that you may call as drawbacks of roof replacement are more cost and time taken in the roofing procedure to complete. Considering the advantages it offers, these two factors can easily be ignored though.

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