4 Common Myths About Roofing Repair And Maintenance

September 25, 2019

4 Common Myths About Roofing Repair And Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repair is what it takes to keep your roof in good shape. Our roofers at Stahl Roof Systems often encounter many misconceptions that people believe to be true. So, we decided to write a blog on it and help people overcome misconceptions associated with roofing.

When people make decisions based on these myths, they experience costly problems such as structural damage, leaks, and poor maintenance. If left unaddressed, various minor roofing problems become bigger over time. So, make sure to make well-informed and accurate decisions when it comes to your facility maintenance. Let’s get down to highlighting some of the common roofing myths:

1. Modern roofs are more durable

Roofs are not indestructible whether commercial, residential or industrial. People often believe that modern roofs can last longer. Although modern roofing materials are more durable, a typical roof doesn’t last longer than 30 years, especially in an industrial environment. However, regular maintenance can add more years to the expected useful life of your roof. Most commercial roofs start showing signs of deterioration and crumble prematurely. As a reputable roofing company in Edmonton, we strive to extend the life of your commercial or industrial roof by providing impeccable maintenance and repair services.

2. New roofs don’t need maintenance

A functioning roofing system needs proper maintenance no matter its age. Even a newly installed roof needs care and attention. If you want to avoid expensive repairs down the road, don’t forget to inspect your new roof for minor damages. The longer you neglect your new roof, the shorter its service life. Therefore, have an affordable roofing contractor maintain your roof.

3. I can clean the dirty floor with a pressure washer

Every season can affect the health of your roof. For example, autumn is likely to bring plenty of leaves to your roof making it dirty. Likewise, the rainy season can produce moisture and mold-growth. You might think a pressure washer can solve the problem. While a pressure washer can clean the roof, it can also damage your roofing system. It’s a good idea to wash your car with a pressure washer, but don’t use it for your roof as it can damage the tiles and cause water to seep beneath the tiles. A regular garden hose can get this job done safely.

4. Damaged shingles can be replaced with new shingles

Let’s imagine a situation where you see a small leak in your roof. Instead of hiring a roofing contractor, you decide to get it fixed yourself. It might be a good idea to repair minor faults, but replacing damaged shingles with new ones can worsen the problem. Nailing down a few shingles without proper sealant will create more holes in your roof. It’s advisable to let an expert examine the damaged roofing components and properly repair them.


Don’t let these roofing repair and maintenance myths destroy your roof. The best way is to inspect your roof regularly. If you find a leakage, broken tiles, or any other roofing-related problem, contact a professional roofer.

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