Busting 7 Common Myths About Metal Roofs

May 11, 2021

Busting 7 Common Myths About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are gaining popularity, especially over the last few decades. Previously, they were in use by commercial buildings and industries. But now, many people are opting for different metal roof styles, even for residential purposes. They are affordable and durable roofs that also look stylish.

Despite all this, many homes and building owners are reluctant to install metal roofs, primarily due to some common myths associated with metallic roofs. This blog post will eliminate all the misconceptions you might have regarding metal roof installation.

Metal Roofs Are Noisy

One of the common myths about metal roofs is that they are noisy when it rains. However, they are not any noisier than any other type of roof. It is understandable why many homeowners may think like that. After all, an object will make noise when it is hit with a metal surface.

But the right metal roof installation will reduce much of its noise. When a metal roof is combined with the right sheathing and insulation, it reduces much of its noise caused by rain.

Metal Roofs Look Ugly

Metal roofs don’t look ugly when you can style them in many ways. You might imagine metal roofs to be one of those on warehouses. Those that have just shiny metal sheets with a plain metallic silver color. That certainly won’t look good, especially on your residential roof.

However, there are endless possibilities and designs for metal roofs. Technology has evolved the style availability in them, and you can mimic another roof design on your metal roof. You can choose from a variety of colors according to your taste, neighborhood style, and more.

Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Metal roofs don’t attract lightning. They are conductive materials that disperse lightning and reduce damage. The metal is made of a non-combustible material, so it will not cause a fire. Your roofing contractor will also ensure that your roof is grounded, so that any electricity will be transferred to the ground.

Metal Roofs Retain Heat

You might consider metal roofs to be non-energy efficient. After all, they are a conductor and can absorb more heat than other materials. However, if you ask a metal roofing contractor, they use a reflective material coating.

This reflective coating is a white or special reflective pigment that reflects the sunlight. This property reflects UV rays and protects your roof from other harmful chemical damages.

Metal Roofs Are More Expensive

Metal roofs might be expensive in the initial stages of installation, but they will give you more value in the long run. The initial cost of installation for a metal roof might be higher, but they have more resale value.

Metal roofs increase your home’s energy efficiency. They keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. They are lower-maintenance than other types of roofs. Also, they are more durable than other types of roofs.

Metal Roofs Rust

With time, metal roofs degrade in quality. They are made of metal and can rust with time. However, using high-quality metal roof panels and maintaining them periodically can reduce this rusting to a greater level.

You must galvanize your metal roof or use protective paints to prevent them from rusting. For more information on metal roof maintenance, you can read this blog.

Metal Roofs Can’t Withstand Hail

This is just a misconception. Metal roofs are sturdy materials that can withstand hard materials. So hailstones won’t affect the metal roof’s surface, and little to no damage will occur.

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