Benefits Of Metal Roofs In Winter

October 28, 2020

Benefits Of Metal Roofs In Winter

Winter is almost upon us, and while it is a sign of worry for most homeowners, people having metal roofs cannot feel more relaxed. Winter weather is likely one of the biggest foes of roofs, causing homeowners to spend hundreds of dollars every year to repair them from winter inflicted damage. While snow and ice can quickly deteriorate any roofing type, metal roofing systems provide your roof with much better protection against winter weather damage.

Having metal roofs in winter is beneficial on many levels. Below are some of the advantages of having metal roofs in winter.

Provide Excellent Insulation

Metal is an excellent conductor of heat and can feel unbearably hot in warm temperatures and extremely cold in low temperatures. For instance, we often recall touching a piece of metal in extreme hot or cold temperatures and immediately withdrawing our hands due to unpleasant sensations. However, what metal feels to the touch in different weather, does not mean it will not do a satisfactory job of insulating your residential or commercial building.

In fact, along with being an excellent thermal conductor, metal is also an excellent insulator. When the sunshine hits your roof in winter, your metal roof will absorb the heat from it and store it to fight off cold at night, keeping your building warm after sunset. Metal roofs store heat better than asphalt and wood roofing materials. During summer, metal roofs reflect UV rays keeping your house cool. Insulating your metal roof will further add to its benefits.

Durable And Long-Lasting

Harsh weather can eat away your roof over time. Snow, hail, heavy rainfall, and freezing temperatures are the most significant causes of ruining most roofs. However, no roofing material can stand up to them better than metal roofs.

According to expert roofing contractors, metal roofs have an exceptional ability to resist storm damage, and if the roof is installed correctly, it can withstand strong winds without getting torn off.

Moreover, while other roofing materials, including wood and asphalt, generally have a lifespan of not more than 20 years, metal roofs can last up to more than 50 years without costly repairs and maintenance.

Low Maintenance

As described above, metal roofs are incredibly durable and last for more than 50 years without much maintenance. This means that you will not have to worry about melting snow seeping through your ceilings, or pests and bacterias or fungi taking over your building.

Metal roofs reflect water, so you will hardly ever notice water making its way to your attic. Effective paintwork of your metal roof will also ensure that no parts are rusted or corroded because of the snow.

They Shed Snow

Shedding or clearing snow in winter is probably one of the most prominent advantages of metal roofs. While snow weighs down other roofs threatening their structural integrity, metal roofs allow snow to just slide right off. This means you won’t have to worry about ice dams causing water damage to your building.

If you’re worried about snow sliding off and damaging your property or a person standing underneath it, you can install snow guards or heating cables. These accessories will make sure that your roof clears off the snow most efficiently. Interlocking panels in the metal sheets also allow melting snow to drain effectively.

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