Aluminum As A Roofing Material

March 13, 2020

Aluminum As A Roofing Material

More and more homes and commercial properties have pointed to a new trend of decorated roofs built with aluminum. Its silver colour and the elegance that it conveys, in addition to helping to make the premises appear more spacious, have made it a popular choice.

Higher Functionality

This material is very moldable and weighs less, so we can use it both on ceilings and on walls without any problem. Its placement is very simple and adapts to any space. However, despite these characteristics, it’s very resistant and withstands climatic changes very well. Contrary to what happens, for example, with wood, this material does not swell or change its size, making it ideal for decorating the interiors of our house or office.

Low Maintenance

Its maintenance is also very simple: you only need soap and water to clean it and you can forget about special products, anti-insect treatments and other care routines that you may need with other materials. In addition, it’s fantastic for any type of house and combines very well with almost all styles.

Customization Options

Another great advantage is that you can change the colour easily. You can paint it before installing it, which will greatly facilitate the task, or conversely, change the tone once they are already placed. Painting them is very simple because they are prepared with special finishes that absorb the paint well, so you don’t have to worry about how it will look. Aluminum roofs are a very popular solution in Edmonton, especially in large outdoor areas. Formerly, these roofs were made of wood, but in recent years, aluminum has been rapidly gaining ground in the preferences of customers and professionals.

Aluminum Vs Wood

As a building material, aluminum has some important advantages compared to wood. The main ones are weight, flexibility and resistance to erosion. Although wooden roofs are cozy and have their charm, this tends to diminish over time as the colours lose their strength and original appearance. The biggest advantage of aluminum is that it allows the manufacture of mechanically functioning aluminum ceilings and, in addition, they’re capable of covering large open areas.

Aluminum roofs can be installed in any type of outdoor space and are designed to protect the houses they cover, whatever the weather conditions. At the same time, modern designs add an elegant touch, being able to be combined with all kinds of finishes: polycarbonate, acrylic ceilings, glass ceilings, flat glass roofs, aluminum frames … and many more!


One of the most important advantages of a roof made of aluminum is its weight. Aluminum is an exceptionally light material and at the same time offers great strength and structural strength, competing with other much heavier materials. On the other hand, it’s very easy to disguise the metallic nature of aluminum. It can be easily painted with paints that mimic the tones of wood. Another very important advantage of aluminum roofs is that, after installation, the construction will not require any maintenance work for many years. You will not have to worry about shingles falling off, or other common roof problems like shingles curling upwards due to heat.

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