5 Risks Associated With DIY Metal Roofing Projects

July 8, 2020

5 Risks Associated With DIY Metal Roofing Projects

Roofs play a very critical role in creating a comfortable lifestyle for everyone. With the vital role they play, it is necessary to keep them in a good state at all times. Regular maintenance and inspection can go a long way in preserving the roof’s quality and prolonging its lifespan, but attempting to do roofing projects yourself can create more problems than solutions.

Taking on roofing projects on your own is tempting because you think it can save you a lot of money, but if done incorrectly, it can turn into a very bad financial decision. For example, metal roofs are known to be one of the most difficult roofs to install and fix. Yet, homeowners and contractors sometimes attempt to fix them on their own, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements.

Let’s discuss risks associated with attempting DIY maintenance and installation of roofs and why you should hire only professionals to handle your roofing job.

Poor Installation

Metal roofs are highly durable and have a long lifespan, partly because of their complexity and essential components. Apart from the metal roof itself, other elements like underlayments, sealants, transition flashings, etc. also need special care while installing the roof. With DIY installation, you might miss one of these crucial components resulting in reduced durability and weather resilience, leading to an exponential decrease in the lifespan of your roof. This can lead to you having to repair or replace the roof before its expected time and sometimes right away, as we have experienced during our service years.

Improper Repairs

Metal roof repair might seem like a simple task, especially when sealant products like aluminum roofing paint and silicone roofing caulk are readily available in the market. These products are advertised as DIY solutions for your roof repair when, in reality, they can cause long-term issues for homeowners. As metal roofs contract and expand, these sealants will eventually crack due to improper bonding. This will result in moisture becoming trapped in the roof which causes rot and deterioration over time.

This is why for quality maintenance and repair, you must hire a professional who has requisite knowledge and experience to assess your roof damage confidently and provide a tailored solution.

Safety Risks

Some roof repairs and maintenance tasks will come with safety risks. During DIY repairs, you will not only have to take heaving equipment and roofing materials to elevated positions, but you will also have to protect yourself from falling or slipping and hurting others around the project. Whether you’re looking to get your leaky roof fixed or your roof needs its routine maintenance, you should make sure that the job is done safely. At Stahl Roofing, we will perform the tasks carefully, minimizing the risk of personal injury and property damage.

Time Consuming

DIY roofing projects can be extremely time-consuming due to lack of experience and expertise coupled with complicated procedures and lack of instruments. To start with the project, you must first gather the appropriate tools. Even after the long process of accumulating and understanding all the equipment, the project can take even longer to understand and fix the problem. Hiring an experienced contractor will ensure the project is effectively completed in the given time with minimum effort.

Increased Cost

A common perception is that handling roofing projects on your own is a cheaper and more straightforward option than the cost of hiring a professional. But the quality work that an expert delivers can help you avoid frequent repairs and replacement over the long run. A well-maintained roof by a specialist will also save you from high energy bills.

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