Top 3 Ways The Sun Affects Your Metal Roof

August 12, 2021

Top 3 Ways The Sun Affects Your Metal Roof

The materials from which residential and commercial roofing are manufactured may vary based on building design and climate conditions. Additionally, multiple factors will determine how long after installation your roof will need repair or replacement. No material lasts forever, even with proper maintenance, but timely maintenance can extend its time.

Like any other residential or commercial building owner, it is quite understandable that you want your investment to last for a long period. Therefore, knowing the type and material of your property is very important as it will tell you how and when to maintain your roof. For instance, metal roofing is very sturdy and can last a long time, but certain factors can cause it to wear down much faster than expected.

Therefore, knowing what factors affect your metal roof and the essentials of maintaining it can help you avoid costly repairs. For example, sunlight can be very damaging to your roof in many ways during the summer season. UV rays from the sun not only affect the external surface of your metal roof but also weaken it internally. Even though most metal roofs are built strong and durable, sunlight can still harm them.

Knowing of the damage that the sun can cause to your roof can help you avoid costly repairs. Continue reading this post to learn about some of the effects the sun can have on a metal roof and how you can counter them.

Damage To The External Coating

To protect your roof from harsh weather conditions, a protective coating is added to the external surface of your metal roof. Typically bitumen or elastomeric acrylic, these coatings help protect your metal roof from rain, hailstorms, blizzards, and UV radiation. UV radiation damages these protective coatings over time. As a result, the coating becomes weak and brittle and breaks off. This leaves the internal parts of your roof exposed to the elements, making it more vulnerable to water and the sun.

Therefore, to keep your metal roof in excellent condition for a long time, you must ensure its timely repair and recoat. You can ask your residential or commercial roofing contractor about the inspection and repair of your metal roofing.

Effects Of Thermal Shock

Another way the heat from the sun affects your roofing is through thermal shock, but you can prevent this from damaging your metal roof. The integrity of your roof is affected by temperature fluctuations that lead to the formation of cracks and the buckling of your roofs’ structure. It also enlarges the fastener holes that impact the overall roofs’ structure, affecting the flashing and seams that join the roof together. Due to its degraded quality and already worn condition, an old roof is more susceptible to thermal shock.

Using high-quality roofing materials can prevent thermal shock, and regular roof inspection can detect potential roofing issues in their earlier stages. This way, you can avoid costly repairs due to the worsening of any hidden problems. Moreover, we recommend selecting good quality and reliable roofing materials suitable for your area’s climate.

Bleaching The Roof

Another way the sun’s ultraviolet radiation affects metal roofing, especially those with darker colors, is bleaching. This is because darker colors absorb more heat which negatively affects your roof’s aesthetic. Regular inspection to assess the physical condition of your roof can help prevent this issue. You can also re-paint and recoat your metal roof to reduce damage from bleaching.

To avoid any sun damage to your metal roof, you must get it inspected regularly. Routine maintenance checks will help detect potential roofing problems in their earlier stages, allowing for timely repairs. You must hire a reliable metal roofing company to ensure the installation of more durable and high-quality metal roofing materials that can withstand all weather conditions.

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